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Beloved comedian Kevin Meaney was found dead in his home, and the comedy world is in mourning

Sixty-year-old comedian Kevin Meaney, a longtime road comic who appeared in several films in television shows, has died.

The news was confirmed by his manager Tom Ingegno in an interview with Hollywood Life.

Watch the video

“It was confirmed to me by his family. He was found in his home in Forestburgh NY. It is a tremendous loss to the comedy community,” Ingegno said. “He will be missed. I can not speculate cause at this time.”

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As soon as news broke of Meaney’s death the heavy hitters of the comedy world came together to mourn their friend and, in some cases, mentor.

“Always thought Kevin Meaney was a brilliant comedian,” Patton Oswalt wrote. “Then we hung out in Ireland, and I found out he was also a terrific person. RIP.”

Actor Steve Carell shared a video of Meaney performing a comedy song on “The Tonight Show.”

R.I.P. Kevin Meaney " I DON'T CARE SONG" via @YouTube — Steve Carell (@SteveCarell) October 22, 2016

“R.I.P. Kevin Meaney. A true, and rare, comedy legend. And one of the nicest guys you could ever hope to meet as well,” David Cross added.

R.I.P. Kevin Meaney. A true, and rare, comedy legend. And one of the nicest guys you could ever hope to meet as well. — David Cross (@davidcrosss) October 22, 2016

Meaney’s most notable acting credits include a small part in “Big,” cameos on “30 Rock” and “2 Broke Girls,” and a starring role as Buck Russell in the TV version of the hit film, “Uncle Buck.”

No cause of death has been announced at this time.

Simone Biles handled haters of her music video with Jake Miller in the classiest way, and so did her fans

Everyone is talking about Simone Biles who made her music video debut in Jake Miller’s project “Overnight” this week.

The Olympic gymnast plays the love interest in  Miller’s video and the on-camera chemistry between the two is obvious.

Watch the video

Some viewers were fans of the video, taking to the comments section to express their happiness to see the gold-medalist in a different light.

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Other viewers, however, thought bashing the 19-year-old for her appearance, race and even shaming Biles’ body for being too sexy was a better use of time.

Some of the tweets went like this:

@Simone_Biles @jakemiller does he know you're not 18? Hope this want shot in California. — Christian (@christianjmart1) October 20, 2016 @Simone_Biles @jakemiller Don't turn into Miley Cyrus on us now. — You Silly Humans (@Mr_YSH) October 20, 2016

But the hateful comments were no match for the Simone fan club. Many of her supporters stepped in after she tweeted about having “feelings also.”

everyone forgets that I have feelings also — Simone Biles (@Simone_Biles) October 21, 2016 @Simone_Biles YOU HURT YOU BABY I WANT A NAME AND ADDRESS — jenaenerys targaryen (@mxmiyonce) October 21, 2016 @Simone_Biles WHO HURT YOU I WILL THROW HANDS — alli (@dayasnormani) October 21, 2016 @Simone_Biles — Doug Nelson (@dnel0780) October 21, 2016 @Simone_Biles Its okay!!! I drew you a picture!!! — Joey Stark (@joeystark04) October 21, 2016

You can view the full video here.

1 dead after shooting near Florida A&M campus

One person is dead and another is recovering in the hospital after an overnight shooting near the Florida A&M University campus in Tallahassee, Florida.

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The Tallahassee Police Department received a call of shots fired in the area of Gamble and Perry streets near a FAMU residence hall, WCTV reported. Once officers arrived, they found two people with gunshot wounds.

According to police, it appears the shooting happened as a large party was letting out in the area. Shots were fired and struck two people, WCTV reported.

Both were given medical treatment, but one person died at the scene, WCTV said. The other was taken to a hospital for treatment.

Police are not releasing the names of the victims.

Florida A&M is celebrating its homecoming week, with a parade scheduled for Saturday morning and a football game between the host Rattlers and the visiting Hampton University Pirates.

Bun sent to soldier 100 years ago found in perfect shape

A Chelsea bun sent to a soldier at the Battle of the Somme 100 years ago has been found. Stale, but in perfect shape, the Mirror reported.

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The sweet treat had been mailed to Private Alex Hodges by his sister, Lily Poston. But the package never reached Hodges because he was wounded by a shell during the battle in France and was transported to a London hospital to recover. 

The uncooked Chelsea bun, made by the soldier’s favorite baker, was returned to Poton, who kept it for decades.

It was recently found by 84-year-old Hazel Hodges, the soldier’s daughter who lives in Leominster, Herefordshire.

“Lily knew my father was extremely fond of Chelsea buns from Mrs. Pewtree’s bakery in the town so she put one in a care parcel and sent it to the front,” Hazel told the Mirror. “But my father had moved on by the time it arrived and so it came back to her address in the same little brown box.

“She kept it on the sideboard in her house until her death. I inherited the box but never knew what was in it. I opened it out of curiosity and found the bun inside.”

The Chelsea bun was first created during the 18th century at the Chelsea Bun-House. The bun is made from rich yeast dough, flavored with lemon peel, cinnamon or mixed spice.

The Battle of the Somme was fought from July 1 to Nov. 18, 1916. It was the largest battle on the Western Front during World War I. More than 1 million men were killed or wounded during the campaign.

Alex Hodges, who fought with the King’s Shropshire Light Infantry during World War I, was discharged after recovering from his wounds. He died in 1979.

Hazel said the bun, which she has donated to the town’s museum, serves as a permanent reminder of her father.

Police: White powder at Clinton HQ tests negative

Police said early Saturday that white powdery substance sent to Hillary Clinton's campaign office in New York tested negative for harmful substances in a preliminary investigation, CNN reported.

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Clinton campaign workers had opened an envelope containing the white substance Friday, police said.

The envelope had first been delivered to Clinton's midtown Manhattan office, Lt. Thomas Antonetti of the New York Police Department said. It was then transferred to her Brooklyn headquarters.

Workers evacuated the 11th floor of the Brooklyn office in the evening. Police would not say what the substance was, but told The Associated Press that it was not harmful.

The initial report indicated that the envelope had been opened in the Manhattan office and then passed on to Clinton’s headquarters in Brooklyn. It wasn't clear why the opened envelope had been transferred.

The NYPD is investigating the incident. The Secret Service and the Office of Emergency Management are also involved, a NYPD spokesman said.

Charlie Sheen won’t throw out first pitch at World Series

“Wild Thing” has been relegated to the bullpen for the World Series.

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Actor Charlie Sheen, who played Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn in the 1989 movie "Major League," offered to throw out the ceremonial first pitch before one of this year's World Series games. But Major League Baseball said the choices already have been made.

A spokesman told The Associated Press on Friday that MLB has worked with the Indians to identify "former franchise greats" to throw out the first pitch for the games in Cleveland. An announcement is expected early next week.

The Indians host Games 1 and 2 on Tuesday and Wednesday. If necessary, Cleveland will host Games 6 and 7 on Nov. 1-2.

Fans had suggested on social media that Sheen throw out a first pitch and be part of pregame ceremonies. Sheen responded on Twitter, posting a photo of himself as Vaughn in an Indians uniform. He wrote that he would be “honored” to participate.

"Major League" is a fictional account of the Indians finishing in first place with an unconventional group of players including Vaughn, who couldn’t find the strike zone and warmed up to "Wild Thing," a No. 1 hit song in 1966 by The Troggs.

Rick-rolled at 50: Astley has new music, new outlook

Rick Astley exiled himself from music for a good part of the last three decades, but he never really left pop's consciousness.

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For one, hits like “Never Gonna Give You Up” and “It Would Take A Strong Strong Man,” derided by critics as cheesy at the time, have endured. Then there's the whole rick-rolling phenomenon when a promised link on a website turns out instead to be an Astley video.

At first, Astley was annoyed by rick-rolling. Then his daughter helped him realize that it was cool and that it helped boost his profile during his fallow years by keeping his boyish face in ours.

He's even more appreciative now as he releases "50," his first album of new music in 23 years.

"The idea of me releasing a new record now I need every bit of help I can get," he quipped.

He may not have needed it as much as he thought: The album debuted at the top of the charts in his native United Kingdom, and when he performed his first U.S. shows in New York and Los Angeles over the summer, they sold out. He wrapped up a short U.S. tour earlier this month.

The still boyish-looking Astley recently sat down with The Associated Press to talk about life after his '80s pop success, rick-rolling and what music means to him now.

AP: During your break, did you ever long to get back to music?

Astley: I think you never lose that feeling of 'cause you know I still got an ego whether you retire or not. I mean, it's still there and there is a little voice on your shoulder sort of saying, 'You're better than him.'... I think that is one the lucky things about what I chose to do and what I love to do, you know ... it is a young person's world really, but you know an old boy like me can still make a record and can still make a bit of a splash.

AP: You think the whole 'rick-roll' thing was good for you?

Astley: Absolutely it was because I think if you're doing anything like music or movies, there is so much competition. ... And also there have been some really, really clever things done with that song. It has not just been rick-roll. There have been so many different things. One of my favorites is they got (President Barack) Obama to sing "Never Gonna Give You Up" (in a mash-up video) or say it at least, which I thought was brilliant. I mean, it's obviously somebody with too much time on their hands, but they also did that with "Mad Men" as well.

<iframe width="390" height="219" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

AP: There are some artists who only want to perform their new songs. What's your take?

Astley: I'm not really in that camp, to be honest, because I had a long break from it, so it's not like I have been singing those tunes for 30 years. You know, I am fully aware of the fact that the only reason you know we had a No. 1 album in the U.K. with this record it's like the reason it got played on the radio with the first couple of tunes and stuff. ... When we play live and stuff, there is a part of me thinking, 'Great, we are going to finish "Never Gonna Give You Up," and I know every single person in this room or in this field knows that tune.' They might not all like it, but I know they all know it.

AP: What do you think of your music legacy? Are you resentful that some dismissed your music at the time?

Astley: No. I mean if I'd been a journalist and I had been reviewing my records ... you know I'm not so sure what I would think of it either. I mean, I think there are some really great strong pop songs ... but just looking at it you kind of think. 'Well yeah, but it's a bit manufactured. ' ... I don't hold any grudges for people who had a go at me, you know what I mean? That's for sure.

National anthem singer takes knee before Miami Heat game

The Miami Heat were caught by surprise Friday when the national anthem singer took a knee at midcourt at AmericanAirlines Arena before their preseason NBA game with the Philadelphia 76ers.

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The performer, listed by the Heat as Denasia Lawrence, also opened her blue blazer to reveal a shirt that read “Black Lives Matter,” before she knelt to sing the anthem.

The Heat issued a statement near the end of the Sixers’ 113-110 victory that read: “We were unaware of it ahead of time.”

Heat players and coaches stood on the court with arms links and most with their heads bowed, as they have done most of the preseason, while Lawrence sang. Coach Erik Spoelstra said he noticed Lawrence on one knee toward the end of anthem.

“I just noticed when she was finishing up,” Spoelstra said. “We felt as a basketball team we would do something united so that was our focus. Throughout all of this I think the most important thing that has come out is very poignant, thoughtful dialogue. We’ve had dialogue within our walls here. And hopefully this will lead to action.”

Fans did not react one way or the other toward Lawrence.

“I saw her kneel and I understand where she’s coming from,” Heat forward Justise Winslow said. “I understand her opinion on it, but as a team we tried to show unity and respect for the flag. We also know there are social changes that need to happen in our community, but as a team we felt (we wanted) to pay respect to the flag while also showing unity and raising awareness for the issue at the same time.”

Said guard Wayne Ellington: “If she feels that the way she wants to stand for it, then more power to her.”

Lawrence is the second anthem singer during the NBA preseason to kneel joining Leah Tysse, who got down on one knee as she finished singing at a Sacramento Kings game.

Several NBA teams have taken a stance during the playing of the national anthem by players and coaches locking arms.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver addressed the issue Friday following the league’s board of governors meeting.

“All I can say is what we’ve seen in multiple preseason games so far is our players standing for the national anthem,” Silver said. “It would be my hope that they would continue to stand for the national anthem. I think that is the appropriate thing to do.”

The NBA and the union have had talks about the issue.

“We have had very constructive discussions about meaningful action that we can take collectively in our communities to help build trust between police officers and members of the community looking for constructive ways to address racial injustice, economic injustice,” Silver said. “I am very proud of the relationship we have built with the union, with the players on these issues. My expectation is that we’ll see into the regular season more of what we have seen in the preseason, which is a sense of, let’s deal directly with these important issues.”

The issue has become a hot button topic since San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for the national anthem during a preseason game as a protest against some of the country’s social and racial injustices. Other NFL players have followed by taking a knee or raising their fist.

<iframe width="390" height="219" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Study: 2 diet drinks a day could double risk of diabetes

Drinking two servings of carbonated soda — even the diet kind — could double the risk of diabetes, according to a Swedish study.

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Research by the Karolinska Institute on 2,800 adults found that those who consumed at least two 6½ ounce servings of soft drinks daily were 2.4 times as likely to suffer from a form of type 2 diabetes.

Many sodas are sold in 12-ounce cans, meaning that one and a half cans would be enough to double the risk.

According to the study, people who drank a liter of soda saw their chances of suffering from diabetes increase tenfold.

The increased risks were the same regardless of whether the drinks were sugary or artificially sweetened, according to the findings published in the European Journal of Endocrinology.

Researchers said the sugary drinks may have induced insulin resistance, triggering the cases of diabetes.

The artificial sweeteners in the diet drinks may stimulate and distort appetite, they said, increasing food intake, and encouraging a sweet tooth. Such sweeteners might also affect microbes in the gut leading to glucose intolerance.

The research was a retrospective study, which relied on participants to recall their diet habits.

Josefin Edwall Löfvenborg, lead author, told The Telegraph that soft drinks might influence glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity, leading to the increased risk of latent auto-immune diabetes, a form of type 2 diabetes.

“In this study we were surprised by the increased risk in developing autoimmune diabetes by drinking soft drinks,” he said. We next plan on investigating what could counter this risk.”

More research was needed into the impact of diet drinks, he said.

NYC teacher uses CPR to save student’s life

A teacher in New York City saved a student’s life Thursday when a sixth-grader had a seizure and stopped breathing.

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Amy Spears, 44, a math teacher at Louis Armstrong Middle School in Queens, saw the girl collapse and begin convulsing outside of her classroom. The teen then stopped breathing.

“I started doing CPR immediately and called people to get help and call 911,” Spears told the New York Daily News. “Another teacher grabbed the machine.”

Spears, who has been a teacher for 21 years, gave the child one shock with a defibrillator before paramedics arrived.

“I never thought in a million years I would have to do this or want to do it,” Spears told the Daily News. “I’m so glad I was trained and I was able to hold it together enough to do what I did. Everyone worked together.”

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