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American killed in London terror attack was celebrating 25th wedding anniversary

An American tourist was among four people who were killed when a man plowed through several people on London’s Westminster Bridge on Wednesday before attacking a police officer who was guarding Parliament.

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The terror attack claimed the life of Utah resident Kurt W. Cochran, family members said in a statement.

Cochran was visiting London with his wife, Melissa, to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. They were expected back in the United States on Thursday.

Melissa Cochran suffered what family members described as “serious injuries” in the attack.

“We express our gratitude to the emergency and medical personnel who have cared for them and ask for your prayers on behalf of Melissa and our family,” the family’s statement said. “Kurt will be greatly missed, and we ask for privacy as our family mourns and as Melissa recovers from her injuries.”

Family members told KSTU that the couple was on a “dream vacation” and spent time in Germany and Austria before arriving in London.

“Our family is heartbroken,” the family statement said. “Kurt was a good man and a loving husband.”

London metropolitan police said four people died in the London terror attack, including Cochran, the unidentified assailant and Keith Palmer, a 15-year veteran of the London metropolitan police force who was killed as he was protecting Parliament.

The fourth victim was identified by The Guardian as Aysha Frade, 43, a mother of two who taught Spanish at DLD College in London.

Police said they have arrested eight people in connection with the attack. They continued to investigate on Thursday.

90-year-old woman knits hats for thousands of babies

A 90-year-old great-grandmother has knitted thousands of hats for babies and has no plans to stop any time soon.

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Over the last eight years, Barbara Lowe has knitted 2,100 hats. 

“That’s a lot of hats. That’s a lot of babies,” she told WOIO.

The hats that Lowe makes are sent to newborns at nearby Hillcrest Hospital in Mayfield Heights, Ohio, where they help keep babies warm during their most vulnerable time.

“We want everyone to go outside with a hat on, certainly a newborn,” Mary Bartos, a registered nurse at Hillcrest, told WOIO. 

Lowe maintains a strict schedule and says the activity keeps her agile.

“Age is just a number, and you’ve got to keep busy. You just can’t sit and crawl in a corner. You’ve got to keep moving, got to keep doing,” she said.

Lowe pays for all the supplies herself.

To read more and learn how you can donate to Lowe’s yarn fund, visit WOIO.

Health care insurance vote: What time is the vote; what does the bill do; who is voting against it?

The Republican bill that is set to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act is scheduled for a vote Thursday, as President Donald Trump and leaders in the House scramble to secure enough support for the measure to pass.

The American Health Care Act could be dead on arrival at the House, however, as a number of Republican lawmakers are saying they intend to vote “no” on the bill.

The bill would repeal and replace some of the Affordable Care Act, shifting the way millions of Americans fund their health care needs. It would also mean that millions would be left without the health care they gained under the ACA, or Obamacare.

Here’s a look at the AHCA and what is scheduled to happen today.

What does the bill do?

According to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, (R-Wisconsin), the AHCA will retain some of the features of the ACA – insurers would still be required to cover customers with pre-existing conditions, for instance – but would take a sharp turn on others.

The bill would eliminate the requirement that a person have health insurance. It would also give larger companies a break by saying they are no longer required to provide coverage for employees. It will allow insurers to charge older Americans higher health care premiums.

The bill keeps the ACA provision that allows children to stay on a parent’s plan until they turn 26, but it cuts the amount of tax credits that are in place for those buying insurance, and reduces Medicaid spending in the states. In addition, it provides fewer funds for subsidies.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, the new bill would reduce the deficit by $337 billion during the next 10 years, but cost 24 million Americans their coverage over the next decade.

Will it pass?

That’s to be seen. Early on Thursday, it was not looking like Republicans had enough votes among their membership for the bill to pass. Republicans need 216 votes to move the bill to the Senate. That means they can lose no more than 21 of their current 237 votes. If they lose 22 votes the result would be a 215 to 215 tie. If the vote is a tie, the bill fails.

Who is on the fence?

That count has varied over the past two days, but as of 7 a.m. on Thursday, here’s a list compiled from several sources of legislators who say they are leaning toward voting “no” on the bill.

  1. Justin Amash, R-Mich. 
  2. Dave Brat, R-Va.
  3. Mo Brooks, R-Ala. 
  4. Rod Blum, R-Iowa
  5. Ted Budd, R-N.C. 
  6. Rick Crawford, R-Ark.
  7. Warren Davidson, R-Ohio
  8. Charlie Dent, R-Pa.
  9. Scott DesJarlais, R-Tenn.
  10. Dan Donovan, R-N.Y.
  11. Brian Fitzpatrick, R-Pa. 
  12. Tom Garrett, R-Va. 
  13. Louie Gohmert, R-Tx. 
  14. Paul Gosar, R-Az. 
  15. Andy Harris, R-Md. 
  16. Walter Jones, R-N.C. 
  17. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio
  18. John Katko, R-N.J. 
  19. Raul Labrador, R-Idaho 
  20. Leonard Lance, R-N.J. 
  21. Frank LoBiondo, R-N.J.
  22. Thomas Massie, R-Ky.
  23. Mark Meadows, R-N.C.
  24. Scott Perry, R-Pa. 
  25. Bill Posey, R-Fl.
  26. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Fl. 
  27. Chris Smith (R-NJ)
  28. Glenn Thompson, R-Pa. 
  29. Robert Wittman, R-Va. 
  30. Ted Yoho, R-Fl. 
  31. David Young, R-Iowa

(Sources: CBS News; Huffington Post; Twitter; The Associated Press)

The House Freedom Caucus, a group of conservative Republicans, many of whom identify with the Tea Party, will meet with the president at 11:30 a.m. Thursday. Some votes could change after that meeting. 

(Update: The Associated Press reports at 1:30 p.m. ET that the “House Freedom Caucus chairman says "no deal"was  reached on health bill after meeting with Trump, putting vote in doubt.”)

If it does pass, what then?

If the bill passes the House, it moves to the Senate where Senators will have a chance to add to, or subtract from the bill. If the bill gets to a vote on the floor of the Senate, Republicans will face a similar close margin when it comes to passage. Republicans have a 52-48 advantage in the Senate, so they could lose only two GOP votes and still pass the bill.

Like the NFL, nothing ends in a tie in the Senate. If the vote happened to be 50-50, Vice President Mike Pence would cast the deciding vote.

If it doesn’t pass, what then?

Another bill could be introduced to either fully repeal the ACA, or to offer something like the bill that is up for a vote Thursday, but with some modifications.

When is the vote? 

There is no set time for the vote yet. Meetings will be happening throughout the day prior to a call for the vote. The vote could also be delayed for another time, but Ryan has said that wouldn’t happen. (Update: The vote has been moved to Friday, or possibly beyond. This post will be updated when the time for the vote gets near. Check back here during the day Friday).

’House of horrors’ property raises neighbors’ concerns

The man accused of killing a woman whose body was found at his Southside home waived his right to a speedy trial.

Russell Tillis is charged with the murder of 31-year-old Joni Gunter. Police found her dismembered body on his property, known as a "house of horrors."

The property has been sold, but neighbors say there are still problems there.

“We got people that come by just to pick some things for souvenirs because it’s the 'house of horrors,'” David Eichenlaub said.

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Eichenlaub said neighbors called the mayor’s office and Gov. Rick Scott. On Wednesday, they finally started to see some action taken.

“We’re just glad it’s getting cleaned up. It needs to be cleaned up,” Eichenlaub said.

He said the worst part was that people would party in a trailer on the property at night and it smells like chemicals.

We reached out to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, where a spokesperson said there have been six calls for service to the address since the first of this year, four calls for property checks and two for suspicious people.

“I have to run them off all the time,” Eichenlaub said.

We also reached out to the city, which said the current owner was cited by code enforcement on Feb. 8 for garbage and debris on the property.

The city said since the owner didn’t follow through with the cleanup, the city stepped in to clean it, and the owner is responsible for the cost.

We called the owner of the property, who said she did hire someone to clean up the property but they didn’t realize just how big a project this was.

She said she has been in contact with the city and agreed to them cleaning it up.

WATCH: Water-bottle challenge is out; this trend's flipping in

If you thought the water-bottle flipping was annoying, wait until you see the latest trend. 

It’s called the Cup Blowing Challenge. Watch and — maybe — be amazed. 

The goal is to blow one plastic cup into the other one. 

Everyone from students... 

.. to news anchors are trying the challenge. 

People are even mixing trends (watch until the end).

And, for the masters, there is even an extreme version. 

Whether it’s science or magic, one thing is for sure, this trend is just getting started. 

Pres. Trump tweets video to gain support for health care vote

President Donald Trump has used his traditional pipeline to the people to help gain support for his plan to abolish Obamacare.

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Hours before the vote is set to begin, Trump posted a video that spells out what he says were lies given to the American people when the Affordable Care Act went into existence while not explaining what his proposed American Health Care Act, or AHCA, does.

Trump also encourages people to call lawmakers to show their support of AHCA.

NBC News reported that he does not have enough votes to pass the AHCA, but negotiations went into the night.

The House is scheduled to vote on the plan Thursday. 

Teacher with unique handshakes for students treats them to surprise

A west Charlotte elementary school teacher who has gained viral fame for his unique handshakes with each student before class gave them a surprise Tuesday.

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Barry White Jr., a fifth grade English teacher at Ashley Park K-8 School, brought in Harlem Globetrotter star Zeus to school so that he could do the now-famous handshakes with the kids.

In the video, the students line up and teach Zeus their unique handshakes that they practice with White every day.

The Harlem Globetrotters posted on their Facebook and said White inspires them with his passion for getting kids excited about learning.

White said he is always pumped to start doing the handshakes with students because it brings excitement and high energy to the class. 

Mother says daughter received birth control implant during educational trip

A Tulsa parent is speaking out after she says her daughter had a birth control implant embedded into her arm during a trip from school.

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Miracle Foster says her parental rights were violated.

It all started when her 16-year-old daughter attended a Youth Services of Tulsa lecture about sex education at Langston Hughes Academy.

After one of the sessions, the teen and other girls reportedly said they wanted to learn more, and the school arranged for Youth Services of Tulsa to pick them up and take them to a clinic.

Rodney L. Clark, the school's principal, says he called Foster to get permission to allow her daughter to go on the trip before they left.

Foster says that her daughter then received a three-year Norplant implant at the clinic without her parental consent.

Representatives from Youth Services of Tulsa say they do not have to tell a parent about any contraceptives given to minors.

Title X federal guidelines allows for teens as young as 12 to receive various forms of contraceptives without a parent's consent.

They also said they merely inform and transport teens to the clinics of their choice. They are not involved in the conversations between the teens and the physicians at theses clinics.

Foster told FOX23 that she feels that she and her daughter should have had the opportunity to discuss what's best for her. 

Clark released a statement Wednesday: 

"This was not a field trip. Youth Services of Tulsa does an annual in-service on Sex Education. They offer students an opportunity to contact them on their own for more information. The parent gave her child permission to leave the school. Under Title X once young people are at the clinic and are of reproductive age, they can make decisions on their own without parental consent. As you can understand this situation involves a minor and we do not release information about students. Nevertheless, the student was well within their rights of Title X which is a federal guideline that provides reduced cost family planning services to persons of all reproductive age."

ABC News, ‘GMA’ Twitter accounts hacked

The Twitter accounts of ABC News and “Good Morning America” were apparently the target of hackers Thursday morning.

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Tweets filled with profanity and false news reports were posted to the ABC News account, while tweets claiming to be from “Russian hackers” who “love” President Donald Trump were appearing on “Good Morning America’s” page.

Many of the tweets were quickly deleted. 

ABC News released a statement shortly after the hacking was discovered saying it is “working on resolving the problem.” 

The company has since removed the offending tweets.

7 things to know now: Trump conversations collected; health care vote; Sweet 16 play; London attack

Here's a roundup of news trending across the nation and world today.

What to know now 

1. Trump communications collected: Rep. Devin Nunes, (R-California), announced Wednesday that private conversations between President Donald Trump and his transition team may have been improperly distributed to spy agencies after they were inadvertently collected as part of an intelligence investigation of other targets. Nunes said he was troubled enough by information provided to him about the communications to go to the White House on Wednesday to inform the president in person. Nunes said the information collected had nothing to do with the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. The FBI said Monday it is investigating any possible connection between the Trump campaign and Russian meddling in the election.

2. Health care vote: A vote on a health care bill that is essential in repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act – Obamacare – is set to take place Thursday in the House. Trump and leaders in the House have lobbied members to vote for the bill, but as of late Wednesday, they had not locked down enough votes for it to pass. The president has warned those who don’t vote for the bill that they could face consequences come re-election.

3. London attack: A man stabbed a London police officer to death Wednesday after he ran down pedestrians on a bridge near Parliament in a terror attack on the British government. Four people, including the attacker, were killed, and at least 40 others injured. British lawmakers sheltered in place in Parliament for hours after the mid-afternoon attack. One woman was pulled alive from the waters of the Thames after she was either knocked off the Westminster Bridge or jumped to avoid the car. The suspect has not been identified. An early morning raid in the London area Thursday netted seven people suspected of being involved with the attack. 

4. Wisconsin shootings: A Wisconsin police officer and three others were killed Wednesday in what law enforcement officials said was a domestic violence incident that led to three separate shootings. The shootings took place in a bank, at an attorney’s office and in an apartment complex near Everest, Wisconsin, which is about 90 miles west of Green Bay, Wisconsin. 

5. Sweet 16: The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament continues Thursday as the next round of playoffs gets underway. Sixteen teams – the Sweet 16 – will play over the next two days as we make our way to the Elite Eight, then the Final Four. The championship game is set for April 3. 

And one more

Nominations for the Daytime Emmy Awards were announce Wednesday. The CBS daytime drama “Young and the Restless” snagged 25 nominations, with ABC’s “General Hospital” and CBS’ “Bold and the Beautiful” getting 23. NBC’s “Days of Our Lives” got 22 nods.

In case you missed it

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