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FedEx airlifts barbecue meals to Irma victims in Florida Keys

Hurricane victims in the Florida Keys are receiving fresh barbecue meals from Operation BBQ Relief thanks to an airlift program by FedEx, USA Today reported.

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FedEx began airlifting more than 10,000 meals a day from Fort Myers to the Keys, following through on a request from one of its aircraft mechanics, Scott Guy. FedEx assigned two feeder aircraft to transport 3,700 pounds of food each day to residents affected by Hurricane Irma from Sunday through Wednesday, USA Today reported.

Guy is a member of Operation BBQ Relief, which was formed to feed the hungry after a tornado struck Joplin, Mo., in 2011. The organization served 371,760 meals over 11 days on the Texas Gulf Coast after Hurricane Harvey, then shifted its focus to the Florida region hit by Hurricane Irma, USA Today reported.

Deputies: Teacher accused of sex crime exchanged messages via Facebook

A North Carolina middle school teacher was arrested and charged with a sex crime involving a child, officials with the Rowan County Sheriff's Office said.

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Parents of a student complained that Mark Dexter, 42, sent inappropriate messages to their child through Facebook, deputies said.

Investigators determined that it appeared the child and teacher were involved in an online relationship and the messages date to Sept. 9.

Deputies said Dexter was making plans for the child to come to his home, and more than 1,000 messages were exchanged resulting in more than 400 pages of evidence.

Detectives said Dexter admitted to exchanging messages with the student, and some of the messages were sent while at the school from his personal cellphone.

"You send your kids to school and you think they're safe and look, they're not," parent Elizabeth Padgett said.

Dexter is charged with taking indecent liberties with a student by a school guardian following his arrest on Wednesday.

"It definitely needs to stop,” nanny Savannah King said. “That's the problem with social media these days and young children. Sometimes they get into stuff they're not meaning to."

School officials said Dexter was hired at Morgan Elementary on July 27, 2004, and started at Erwin Middle School on Aug. 17, 2005. He taught math and social studies.

Dexter resigned Wednesday.

Dexter's bond is set at $150,000. 

In a statement, Rowan-Salisbury Schools officials said “We are sad and heartbroken any time we receive reports of inappropriate conduct toward any of our students.

“We will continue moving forward in keeping safety a top priority in our schools,” the statement said.

British police release 2 men in London train attack probe

British police said they have released two men arrested as part of the investigation into last week’s London Underground train station attack in Parsons Green, which injured 30 people, Reuters reported.

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A 21-year-old man arrested in Hounslow on Sept. 16 and a 48-year-old man arrested in Newport on Sept. 20 were released by the police with no further action, the police said in a statement, Reuters reported.

“We have four males in custody and searches are continuing at four addresses. Detectives are carrying out extensive inquiries to determine the full facts behind the attack,” the police said.

A homemade bomb exploded Sept. 15 during the morning rush hour on a packed underground Tube train at Parsons Green station, sending flames through the carriage, Reuters reported.

It was the fifth major militant incident in Britain this year.

The Islamic State militant group claimed responsibility for the latest attack.

Round 3: Jimmy Kimmel continues criticism of GOP’s health-care bill

For the third straight night, Jimmy Kimmel used his opening monologue to criticize the Graham-Cassidy health-care bill in the Senate. 

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Thursday night on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” the talk show host did not back down, responding to Republicans who keep bringing him up as the GOP tries to repeal the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

Kimmel began with President Donald Trump getting involved on Twitter on Wednesday night. Kimmel said the president probably didn’t know that the bill proposed by Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Bill Cassidy (R-La.) does not protect people with pre-existing conditions. But Trump would “sign copies of the Koran at the Barnes and Noble in Fallujah if it meant he could get rid of Obamacare,” he said.

Cassidy had appeared on Kimmel’s show shortly after the host revealed that his infant son had undergone open heart surgery, the Huffington Post reported. Kimmel said Wednesday that on that emotional night, “I learned there are kids with no insurance in the same situation.”

Cassidy had pledged that no family would be denied medical care because they couldn’t afford it. “This guy, Bill Cassidy, just lied to my face,” Kimmel said Tuesday night.

Cassidy responded by saying he was “sorry” Kimmel didn’t understand the legislation, and Kimmel answered several hours later. Cassidy had referenced Kimmel on CNN, asking if principles he believed were necessary to pass a repeal and replacement of Obamacare.

"I ask, does it pass the Jimmy Kimmel test?" Cassidy said. 

Thursday on “Fox & Friends,” Cassidy repeated his claim that Kimmel does not understand the bill, the Huffington Post reported.

“Yeah, so Jimmy doesn’t understand,” Cassidy said. “And not because he’s a talk show host, [but] because we’ve never spoken. He’s only heard from those on the left who are doing their best to preserve Obamacare. He’s not heard from me.”

Kimmel fired back Thursday night. 

“A lot of people have been saying that I’m not qualified to talk about this, and that is true,” he said during Thursday’s monologue. “But I think those people forget, Bill Cassidy named this test after me.”

Kimmel added he’d been told he should give Cassidy the benefit of the doubt.

“I do give him the benefit of the doubt,” Kimmel said. “I doubt all the benefits he claims are part of this new health-care bill.”

Former Heisman winner Ricky Williams arrested on traffic warrants

Former Heisman Trophy winner Ricky Williams was arrested in Texas on Tuesday on traffic warrants, records show.

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Williams was pulled over for a traffic offense, then arrested on warrants, Austin police said.

He is no longer in the Travis County Jail, records show. 

Williams, who starred at the University of Texas and played seven seasons in the NFL, is currently a football analyst for ESPN's Longhorn Network. He won the Heisman Trophy in 1998 and was the second Longhorn to win college football’s top prize, and was also a two-time All-American.

Earlier this year, Williams said he was racially profiled while walking through a neighborhood in Tyler. A man called 911 when he "observed a black male, wearing all black, crouched down behind his wire fence," and Tyler police stopped and searched Williams, according to media reports

Williams was taken to the Travis County Jail 17 years ago, when he was playing for the New Orleans Saints, when he refused to sign a traffic ticket, according to previous media reports

ACLU asks police department to stop posting religious messages on Facebook

The Police Department in Mounds, Oklahoma, posted to it's official Facebook page Thursday that it will no longer use the account to share religious messages.

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The American Civil Liberties Union of Oklahoma sent city officials a letter last week asking them to stop due to multiple violations of the establishment clause of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Multiple posts on the page consist of Bible verses. 

Police Chief Antonio Porter first responded by saying he wasn't concerned about the ACLU and only wanted to spread words of encouragement.

A week later, a post on the Facebook page stated that in order to avoid any risk for the town, the daily Scriptures will now be posted on a private Facebook page.

The response I have received has convinced me that my message is important to many and worth sharing with others. However, I would never want to place my Town at risk for any claim or "fight," and instead would rather focus on the positive that was intended. In order to avoid any argument about the purpose of what I am doing, future posts will be on the private citizens Facebook page known as MPD (Mounds Pastoring Devotionals).

Read the full post here:

North Korean official hints isolated nation will detonate its strongest weapon over Pacific

South Korean news agency Yonhap reports that North Korea’s response to new sanctions imposed by President Donald Trump “may” include a hydrogen bomb test in the Pacific Ocean.

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Seismologists have pointed at a particularly powerful underground bomb test earlier this month as a likely hydrogen bomb, the strongest munition the nation has ever tested

This would be the weapon’s first above-ground test.

North Korean Foreign Affairs Minister Ri Yong Ho reportedly said the powerful open-water test would be one potential “highest-level” countermeasure against new sanctions imposed by the United States and China.

Ri reportedly added that “We have no idea about what actions could be taken as it will be ordered by leader Kim Jong Un.”

Such a test would be considered a major provocation by Washington and its allies.

Kim responded earlier Thursday to Trump’s speech at the U.N. General Assembly on Tuesday where he mocked the North Korean leader as a “Rocket Man” on a “suicide mission,” and said that if “forced to defend itself or its allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea.”

Kim characterized the U.S. president’s speech to the world body as “unprecedented rude nonsense.”

He said Trump’s remarks “have convinced me, rather than frightening or stopping me, that the path I chose is correct and that it is the one I have to follow to the last.”

Kim said he is “thinking hard” about his response and that he would “tame the mentally deranged U. S. dotard with fire.”

The new sanctions give the Trump administration the power to penalize individual companies and institutions that trade with and finance North Korea. Last week, China announced that its central banks would stop doing business with the country.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

CVS to announce plan to help combat opioid addiction

CVS will help combat the opioid crisis by announcing changes it will make inside stores to help patients struggling with addiction.

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Last year alone there were 64,000 overdose deaths, and doctors, insurers, drug companies and pharmacists are all facing pressure to do something to help with the issue. On Thursday, CVS plans to announce some of the new measures it will put into effect.

The move comes as the White House declared this week Prescription Opioid and Heroin Epidemic Awareness Week.

President Donald Trump also recently announced plans to declare the opioid crisis a national emergency.

CVS said it provides medications to nearly 90 million people, so the company is hoping to take the lead and influence other providers to follow suit.

A large approach will be limiting opioid prescriptions.

The company said it will limit initial prescriptions to seven-day supplies. It also plans to cap daily doses and require patients to get medications that dispense pain relief for shorter amounts of time, instead of longer durations.

Pharmacists will be instructed to contact doctors if they believe a prescription gives a patient more medication than is necessary to help with his or her recovery.

CVS also plans to boost funding for addiction programs, counseling and safe disposal of opioids.

CVS said this isn’t a blame game. The company simply believes all stakeholders should be a part of the solution when it comes to opioid abuse.

The company’s rival, Walgreens, has announced plans for a new marketing campaign aimed at educating teens about the dangers of opioids.

Police: Intoxicated man forced 8-year-old to drive him around

A New Castle, Pennsylvania, man forced an 8-year-old girl to drive him around, according to a criminal complaint.

Police said Kevin Michael Cook, 24, forced the child into the vehicle and had her start driving to East Palestine, Ohio, before they were stopped by two bystanders. 

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Police said they received a call regarding a reckless driver around 7:30 p.m. on Sept. 3. The caller told dispatchers there was a small child operating the vehicle, according to the complaint. 

The child told police they left the home of her grandmother, Brenda Spencer, and were attempting to head across state lines, police said. 

According to the complaint, police were told the car almost wrecked at least two times. 

Investigators said the 8-year-old said a man got out of his car at the intersection and yelled at her and Cook. Two bystanders stopped the car right around the time the 911 call was made.

The girl told police Cook then switched seats her and got into the driver's seat before police got there, according to the complaint.

Police said they tried to give Cook a sobriety test, but he couldn’t finish it because he was so drunk. The officer had to catch him to keep him from falling to the ground, according to police. 

Darlington Township Police Chief Al Filauri said the 8-year-old girl has no relation to the suspect. He said he is a family friend. 

Cook is being charged with endangering the welfare of a child, driving under the influence and driving without a license. 

Florida women violently beat driver unconscious in road rage incident

Two women in Pasco County were caught on video violently beating another woman unconscious in an alleged road-rage incident on Tuesday, the Sheriff’s Office said. 

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Alicia Scarduzio, 20, and Shelley Gemberling, 49, are accused of dragging the woman who was stopped in the left lane of a road at an intersection, out of her care window, the Tampa Bay Times reports. 

Deputies said Scarduzio and Gemberling grabbed the woman by her hair and throat and punched her multiple times in the face, causing her to lose consciousness, according to the Times. 

A witness waiting in traffic recorded the video, showing Scarduzio repeatedly punching the woman, who was lying on the ground motionless. A man then runs up and pushes Scarduzio away, and a nearby deputy drives his patrol car across a median to help. 

The victim told deputies that Scarduzio and Gemberling approached her car because of a traffic incident, but it is unclear what caused the women to get physical, according to the Times. 

Deputies said the victim suffered a broken nose and other injuries. 

Scarduzio and Gemberling were arrested Wednesday on charges of burglary and aggravated battery. They remain at the county jail on a $50,000 bail each, according to jail records. 

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