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Dana DiDonato

Dana is one of the few lead female Hosts in Morning Radio. 

Like most children of the 80's, she grew up making mix-tapes on her Fisher Price Tape Recorder, but unlike other children, Dana would talk before every single song. Topics on Dana’s tapes would range from her latest crush and the pain of her broken 14 year old heart, to high school gossip, or her thoughts in the latest episode of My So Called Life.  It was clear early on that with some minor tweaking to her topics, morning radio would be a fabulous venue for Dana.

One day while studying Broadcast Journalism at Virginia Tech, Dana drove to the radio station she listened to everyday and asked the woman sitting at the front desk,  How do you get on the radio?  That moment began her 10-year journey in an industry about which she couldn’t be more passionate.

For the last 7 years Dana has been hosting the morning show on WBLI in Long Island, New York.  While hosting, Dana has received 2 Gracie Allen Awards for Outstanding Comedy Program in 2006 and Individual Achievement as a Host in 2007.  Outlook Magazine awarded Dana Best Straight Ally to the Gay Community in 2007 and she has been featured twice as the cover story in The Morning Mouth Magazine. 

Dana began her career in Virginia at Roanoke’s WXLK with Danny and Zack’s Mornin' Thang.  She later moved further south to Greensboro, North Carolina as part of The Wicker Show on WSMW.  While in Greensboro, Dana was also on camera as a correspondent for WFMY, a CBS affiliate as their Entertainment Reporter.  She also hosted a Weekend Entertainment Buzz segment and contributed to Go Triad, a popular publication with a weekly Sex in the City style Diary feature. 

In college at Virginia Tech Dana received the distinction of Craziest Kappa Delta.  A reformed-sorority party girl, Dana stalked her husband Kevin at church until he made her his wife 8 years ago. He still for the life of him cannot comprehend her high maintenance demands, girly preferences, and honest confessions.  Their daughter is about to turn 3.  Her name is Joelle but she would prefer to be called Rapunzel.

Dana, originally from New Jersey, has a big heart and on a daily basis may experience the full range of emotions.  Some might call that unstable, she just says, I’m easily moved! 

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