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John Online

When John Mingione (aka John Online) takes a break from fighting crime, he enjoys making others laugh. Whether it's making comedy films for his website; or conducting 'man on the street' interviews; John strives to find the 'funny' in every aspect of life. John tries to bring a fun new twist to each and every morning with Dana and Jeffrey! 

John is a recent graduate of SUNY New Paltz, where he earned his degree in Media Production. As a film student, he won several awards including a CINE Golden Eagle and a BEA  (Broadcast Education Association) Award for his comedy movie musical "All I Can Say: The Musical" and an additional BEA Award for his short form documentary, "Nobody Else But Me." 

When he is not making movies, John has many other hobbies. He enjoys a wide genre of music ranging from classical symphonies to gangster rap. John plays a variety of instruments including guitar, drums, cello, and piano as well as the bass guitar (he can also play the crap out of a tambourine!). John plays bass and sings vocals in the pop-punk band All I Can Say.

Besides his passion for music, John enjoys a wide variety of athletic actives including snowboarding, basketball, racquetball, and extreme scootering. Although he can be a party-animal at times, John prefers a night in watching good movies and hanging out with friends. Since he was a young boy, he knew he wanted to be an entertainer. To this day, John prefers to be putting on the show, rather than being in an audience.

Whether it's creating fun audio segments, showing off films at festivals, or just telling a funny story at a party; John will admit that he loves to be the center of attention. 

Keep an ear out for John Online every morning with Dana and Jeffrey from 5:30am-9am. To watch all of his films log onto!


Latest from John Online

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Paying To Go To A Friend's Party

If you are invited to a party, is it wrong for the host to ask you to contribute to the cost of the party?  

John Online was put into this awkward situation on New Year's Eve.  




Helium Burp Challenge FAIL

Have you seen the latest viral video sensation?  

Jayson and John Online tried it out so you don't have to, and failed miserably.  



The Stupid Thing You Got In Trouble For

What's the STUPIDEST thing you've ever gotten in trouble for?  

Can you beat John Online getting a ticket and a court appearance - for THIS?


Ever Been The Other Woman (or Man?)

Have you ever been the other man (or woman) in someone's relationship?

How did that work out for you in the end?

John Online was asked to be 'the other man' by a girl who has a boyriend!




Words Women HATE Being Called By Men

As a woman, what do you HATE being called by men?

We're making a list and giving out a WARNING to all men to stop calling women these names!

This comes up because John Online called one of the nicest women we know that works at the radio station a certain name, and she got upset - even though he meant it as a compliment!




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