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Barbara De Laleu

Barbara De Laleu, (yes that’s her real last name) but also known as The Beautiful Stranger is your personal “boo” every weekend late night on BLI! She started out at a young age as a an intern at some of the most popular radio stations in New York City and also got experience working for syndicated radio talk show hosts, completing voiceovers for companies like BET, WWRL 1600AM, and Clear Channel----and basically getting her face and most importantly voice out there by establishing relationships with some of the best in RADIO!!! which eventually led into radio gigs for Access1 Communications, InnerCity Broadcasting, and Pacifica Radio - to name a few.


While obtaining her B.S. in Communication Arts at St. John’s University, she started co-hosting on a couple of community radio stations in New York City until the Spring 2007 when she picked up her first radio job at Cox Radio’s 102.3 WBAB Long Island’s #1 Rock Station – BLI’s sister station. In addition to her interesting radio career, Barbara got involved with American Women in Radio and Television New York City Chapter which she is currently on the board of directors for 2008-2009—winning awards in the name of media and holds down a busy schedule as a graduate student at The New School University in the M.A. in Media Studies Program. She never stops grindin’! As her interest in all genres of music and pop culture grew she landed another radio gig at WBLI where she thoroughly enjoys seducing her “boo’s” (that’s what she calls her listeners) with the best music on Long Island! HOLLA!


Hometown: Elmont, NY (Nassau County baby!!!)

Favorite TV Show: The Office, Dateline, Anything Adult Swim, South PARK (ok so I am a bit of a potty mouth), America’s Next Top Model, GOSSIP GIRL

Favorite Movie: Dr. Do Little

What's playing on my I Pod?: Kanye West, Lady GAGA, Beyonce, and most of the BLI playlist--- I am also a bit of a rocker chic..I admit it!

Likes: All things music, my cat Manny, scrapbooks, text messaging like crazy..Hi my name is Barbara and I am a Blackberryaholic! LOL, g drives, NYC lounges not clubs, FOOD (preferably BK’s Junior’s cheesecake) , collecting fly sunglasses (like Beyonce says I’m a lie) and LONG ISLAND !

Dislikes: Snow, math, olives & onions, smokers, lazy people, smacking your gum

Biggest Pet Peeve: Drunk Girls on New Jersey Transit, and REPETITION!

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius! BEST SIGN ON EARTH!!!!