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Drive Time Five

Do you have a lot of useless information just taking up space in your brain?!? Syke and MJ will test your knowledge of what’s hot and what’s not with DRIVE TIME FIVE. Monday through Thursday in the 5 o’clock hour all you need to do is guess anything that’s on our Top 5 list for the day and you win! Go ahead play along and see if you know your DRIVE TIME 5!

Celebrity Slow Down

Tune in to BLI’s DRIVE TIME LIVE with Syke and MJ every weekday in the 6pm hour for “Celebrity Slow Down!” Think you know your favorite celebrities just by the sound of their voice? Well what if we SLOWED….IT….DOWN. Think you could still identify that celebrity voice?! If you think you can call in to Syke and MJ and tell us who that celebrity is and you could win the prize of the day!

Weekend Blast Off!

Working for the weekend?!? You bet! So what better way to celebrate the arrival of the weekend than with “The Weekend Blast Off!” Tune in to BLI’s DRIVE TIME LIVE with Syke and MJ every Friday at 5pm for “The Weekend Blast Off!” featuring cool BLI throwback hits, Mini Mixes and the hottest hit music to get your weekend party started right!

MJ's Word On The Street

Tune in to BLI’s DRIVE TIME LIVE with Syke and MJ weekdays from 3p-7p and find out what the “Word On The Street” is about your favorite celebrities! Who’s pregnant? Who’s getting married? Who’s cheating? Who’s career is going down the drain? Who wore what on the red carpet? No celebrity is safe! Find out each weekdays at 3:40p, 4:45p, 5:50p and 6:50p with MJ’s Word On The Street!