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Shelley Rome

Born and raised in Brooklyn New York, Shelley Rome realized her passion for radio and broadcasting at a very young age. The Pop/Rock Radio jock would constantly listen to terrestrial radio and imitate the prominent DJs. It was only right that she'd pursue her love of radio eventually.


While attending Brooklyn College, Shelley began her on air experience with her own show on the college station. Shelley coupled her radio education with internships at Jive Records, MTV and with Clear Channel New York.


Due to her outgoing and friendly personality, Shelley was occasionally invited on air with  the gang to offer her opinion on the current topics. She was then hired as a phone producer for Clear Channel New York. Never afraid to jump on the microphone, Shelley would appear on air at night, giving entertainment news updates. That eventually landed her a show of her own on GOOM Radio, the digital radio start-up spearheaded by Clear Channel and Google Audio executives.


During her time at GOOM, Shelley co-hosted a Rock show, a Teen show, and did mid-day shifts on their Top 40 station - interviewing some of the biggest stars in music including The Script, Sean Kingston, Taio Cruz, Miranda Cosgrove, Matisyahu and almost every teen star on Nickelodeon including taking the entire cast of the very popular show "Victorious" go karting. She's also taken her show on the road, broadcasting from Los Angeles for an entire week and from listeners' homes on a weekly basis.


While working full time at GOOM Radio, Shelley began doing weekends at 98Q in Danbury, CT and eventually made the transition to WBLI. Since then she's been heard all over WBLI at all hours, hosting middays, afternoons, nights and even co hosted WBLI In the Morning in Dana DiDonato's absence. Shelley's voice can also be found on radio commercials and corporate events.


Tune into WBLI at any hour and you may hear Shelley's friendly, sweet voice radiating through your speakers. Her main goal has and always will be to bring a smile to your face. Be on the lookout for much more from this rising star in radio.


When it comes to music...
My taste changes on a daily basis.  These days I'm loving Adele (who isn't), Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Amy Whinehouse and I am sooo loving the new Foo Fighters album.  I recently saw them live and they played three hours straight.   It was AMAZING!!

I secretly rock out to....
-Britney Spears and Beyonce (dancing is involved) plus hardcore rap like Eminem, Biggie and Jayz complete with hand gestures and the gangsta face haha...its fun!

My happy place is....
-A bubble bath and I must say I have the most comfy bed in all the land which is really hard to leave sometimes.

My unhealthy obsession is
-Trashy Reality TV like Keeping up with the Kardashians (and its 17 spinoffs- not proud), Mob Wives (my friend does a mean Big Ang)  and pizza!!!

Favorite places to shop on Long Island
Roosevelt Field Mall and The Americana in Manhasset. 

Favorite TV Shows-
All my favorite shows are no longer on the air.  I love The Nanny, Friends, Will & Grace, Sex and the City, Entourage, One Tree Hill (in its last season) and the original 90210.  I have seen every episode at least 100 times.  Team Brenda!!!

When it comes to restaurants you'll always find me at....
I love chain restaurants, specifically The Cheesecake Factory.  I could eat the Nachos Spinach and Cheese Dip for breakfast lunch and dinner.  It's worth the extra walking time. 

Favorite Sports Teams
The Pittsburgh Steelers.  My mom is from Pittsburgh and I love when my 90 year old Bobi calls me to discuss plays during commercials.  haha