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Katy Perry Injures Fan But Keeps Performing.

You know how Lady Gaga and Harry Styles recently stopped their shows in the middle of performing to check on people in their audiences who appeared to be injured? Then, they made sure they were okay before starting again?

Katy Perry did the opposite. She injured a fan and kept singing.

While performing in Salt Lake City there were these giant eyeball balloons.  Katy kicked one of them into the crowd which came in hard right at the face of a fan who posted the video of it happening on twitter with the hashtag “BLACK EYE.”

What a strike! West Ham could do with Katy Perry up front — ODDSbible (@ODDSbible) November 27, 2017


Singer Claims That “Let It Go” Was Ripped Off From His Song.

Demi Lovato and Idina Menzel have been named in a lawsuit that claims they and Disney ripped off Frozen’s biggest song “Let It Go” from a musician named Jamie Ciero.

This is one of those situations where we don’t understand why the lawsuit is happening now when Frozen came out in 2013, but listen for yourself and see if you think it’s the same song:

“Let It Go”


Get Ready, The Jersey Shore Cast Is Coming Back.

MTV (who only show Friends and Catfish on a loop) is about to add another TV show to their very limited line up.

They’re bringing back the original cast of Jersey Shore .

It’s a new show called “Family Vacation” because they’re all older with kids and can’t take the whole year off the get drunk at the beach anymore.

NEWS ALERT! Back by popular demand, MTV greenlights “Jersey Shore Family Vacation” with the original housemates set to return for new series in 2018! — Brendon Geoffrion (@tv_brendon) November 28, 2017

This is another bad decision on the part of MTV because the finale of Jersey Shore was the least watched show in TV history!

This Kelly Clarkson And Gaten Matarazzo Impromptu Duet Is Amazing!

Stranger Things star Gaten Matarazzo and American Idol legend Kelly Clarkson had an insane impromptu duet the other day.

Both stars joined together for Canada’s  WE Day and stunned us with their vocal chops.

Kelly Clarkson also posted on Instagram to rave about Gaten’s incredible singing abilities.


Here Are The Top 10 Highest Paid Women In Music!

Forbes list of the highest paid women in music:

Here’s the Top 10: 1.  Beyoncé, $105 million

2.  Adele, $69 million

3.  Taylor Swift, $44 million

4.  Celine Dion, $42 million

5.  Jennifer Lopez, $38 million

6.  Dolly Parton, $37 million

7.  Rihanna, $36 million

8.  Britney Spears, $34 million

9.  Katy Perry, $33 million

10.  Barbra Streisand, $30 million

Congratulations, Taylor! This Is An Incredible Accomplishment.

As expected, Taylor Swift is #1 on the Billboard 200.  Her new album “Reputation” sold 1.24 million copies in its first week! In fact, “Reputation” outsold the other 199 albums on the chart…COMBINED.  Those 199 only sold 723,000.

Here’s the top: 1.  NEW:  “Reputation”, Taylor Swift . . . 1.24 million

2. “The Thrill of It All”, Sam Smith . . . 66,000 copies

3. “Heartbreak on a Full Moon”, Chris Brown . . . 51,000 copies

4. “Stoney”, Post Malone . . . 39,000 copies

5. “Divide”, Ed Sheeran . . . just under 39,000 copies

6.  “Without Warning”, 21 Savage, Offset, and Metro Boomin . . . 37,000 copies 7.  “Red Pill Blues”, Maroon 5 . . . 36,000 copies

After All That Has Happened to The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, This Doesn’t Shock Us.

How did the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show go last night? Meh.

It was definitely awkward for Harry Styles. When he came out to perform, he found himself face to face with three of his ex-girlfriends. Poor him.

Then, this one model wiped out big time. They put these giant headpieces on these tiny women, so what did they expect?

And best of all, the “after party” was shut down by Chinese police really early. In fact, just as Bella Hadid and Karlie Kloss were first showing up, people were being kicked out.

This Is Why Demi Lovato Is Such An Amazing Person.

Demi Lovato’s date to the AMAs last night was a major trail blazer, Danica Roem, the first openly transgender legislator for Virginia.

Demi said she reached out to Roem after she heard her story because her song “Sorry not Sorry” is about bullying.

Saying QUOTE, “I feel like we’ve been through some of the same things. Now we get to share this experience together.”

Roem said she admires Demi Lovato because she has spent her entire career advocating for people who need a voice”

Paris Hilton Gets Trolled Mercilessly For Her Britney Spears Tweet.

Paris Hilton is being trolled mercilessly on Twitter after she tweeted a photo of herself from 2006 posing with Britney Spears and writing, “11 years ago today Me and Britney invented the selfie!”

11 years ago today, Me &amp; Britney invented the selfie! — Paris Hilton (@ParisHilton) November 19, 2017  

I don’t even know where to begin with the problems with this story.

The most obvious: how can it be a selfie IF THERE ARE TWO OF YOU???

Twitter erupted with a selfie history lesson:

The first selfie was taken in 1839 according to the Library Of Congress…and the first mirror selfie in 1910, plus the word “Selfie” was created in Australia in 2003.

A Seinfeld account tweeted a scene where Kramer takes a selfie in 1995:

oh realy because heres kramer inventing the selfie in 1995 — Seinfeld Current Day (@Seinfeld2000) November 19, 2017

Another tweeted a link to Sabrina the Teenage Witch doing it in 1996:

sabrina the teenage witch joins the craze in 96 — fresh2fresh (@freshtwofresh) November 19, 2017

And Madonna taking a selfie in 1985 when Paris was four:

Madonna taking a selfie 30 years ago in 1985 – in Desperately Seeking Susan — Oilinki Phuket (@oilinki) April 8, 2015


The Drama Continues For Selena Gomez And The Weeknd!

We’ve got a game-changer!

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd have unfollowed each other on Instagram.

She unfollowed him first, her fans noticed that her following numbers dropped by 1. They searched and found it was The Weeknd she unfollowed.

Then the Selenators noticed that finally on Nov 17th his follower count went from 601 to 600 and boom-it was officially over! They’re not even friends on Instagram!

Ryan Reynolds Lays It Down For Blake Shelton And Hugh Jackman.

Ryan Reynolds has been People’s Magazine Sexiest Man Alive before so he is an expert and allowed to weigh in.

He tweeted to former Sexiest man Hugh Jackman and current controversial Sexiest Man Alive Blake Shelton:

You’re both just speed bumps on the road to @SirPatStew. Outta the way. — Ryan Reynolds (@VancityReynolds) November 16, 2017

But seriously though, Blake Shelton? Who do you think should’ve won the title.

This Story Just Keeps Getting Better!

If you’ve been following the Selena, Bieber, and the Weeknd saga as closely as we have, then you know we are stoked to share this.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were seen kissing after Justin’s hockey game last night!

Justin Bieber &amp; Selena Gomez spotted kissing at Justin’s hockey game last night. — Pop Crave (@PopCrave) November 16, 2017

If we look back to just a couple of weeks ago, Cooper and Anthony were debating whether or not Selena and Justin getting coffee was considered dating. Then it was revealed they WERE back together, but we hadn’t seen any PDA’s yet.

This post-hockey picture seals the deal.

Were you convinced that #Jelena was back together from the beginning?


Is the Weeknd back with Bella Hadid?!

Cooper finally figured out The Weeknd’s whole thing…he just wants to BE Justin Bieber!

First he dates Selena Gomez, then they break up so he dates one of Bieber’s exes.

But then, just like how Justin rekindled his romance with Selena, The Weeknd has done the same! Page Six and Teen Vogue are tweeting that The Weeknd has gotten back together with HIS EX, Bella Hadid.

Is The Weeknd back with Bella Hadid? – Page Six: Page Six Is The Weeknd back with Bella Hadid? Page Six The Weeknd has set off rumors of a reconciliation after being spotted leaving the apartment of his ex, model Bella Hadid, on Tuesday night. The… — Hassan Mansoor (@hmjavedpk) November 16, 2017

He was spotted sneaking out of her apartment late Tuesday night.

You do you, Abel, and let Justin do Justin!

Victoria’s Secret Lovers Will Soon Be Very Disappointed.

You may not be able to see the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show this year.

Organizers chose China as the destination for the show without realizing how much control the government has over everything.

For example, they are refusing to give entry to journalists, producers, TV crews and TV companies as well as fashion bloggers and other people covering the show.

Not only are they making it difficult to get a visa, but they have rules that you have to show China in a positive light. In other words, it has to be like a tourism video. Also, the Chinese government has to approve everything you send back to the US.

How do you think Victoria’s Secret will make sure that the event is covered?

Here Is Another Reason Why We Love Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga is amazing. She’s one of the most selfless pop stars, one of the most selfless people on the planet!

Now she’s teaming up with former VP Joe Biden to help victims of sexual assault survivors.

They are opening up long-term trauma centers to help people who have long term symptoms like PTSD, depression, and sleep disorders.  

Way to go, Lady Gaga.

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