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Ryan Reynolds Lays It Down For Blake Shelton And Hugh Jackman.

Ryan Reynolds has been People’s Magazine Sexiest Man Alive before so he is an expert and allowed to weigh in.

He tweeted to former Sexiest man Hugh Jackman and current controversial Sexiest Man Alive Blake Shelton:

You’re both just speed bumps on the road to @SirPatStew. Outta the way. — Ryan Reynolds (@VancityReynolds) November 16, 2017

But seriously though, Blake Shelton? Who do you think should’ve won the title.

This Story Just Keeps Getting Better!

If you’ve been following the Selena, Bieber, and the Weeknd saga as closely as we have, then you know we are stoked to share this.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were seen kissing after Justin’s hockey game last night!

Justin Bieber &amp; Selena Gomez spotted kissing at Justin’s hockey game last night. — Pop Crave (@PopCrave) November 16, 2017

If we look back to just a couple of weeks ago, Cooper and Anthony were debating whether or not Selena and Justin getting coffee was considered dating. Then it was revealed they WERE back together, but we hadn’t seen any PDA’s yet.

This post-hockey picture seals the deal.

Were you convinced that #Jelena was back together from the beginning?


Is the Weeknd back with Bella Hadid?!

Cooper finally figured out The Weeknd’s whole thing…he just wants to BE Justin Bieber!

First he dates Selena Gomez, then they break up so he dates one of Bieber’s exes.

But then, just like how Justin rekindled his romance with Selena, The Weeknd has done the same! Page Six and Teen Vogue are tweeting that The Weeknd has gotten back together with HIS EX, Bella Hadid.

Is The Weeknd back with Bella Hadid? – Page Six: Page Six Is The Weeknd back with Bella Hadid? Page Six The Weeknd has set off rumors of a reconciliation after being spotted leaving the apartment of his ex, model Bella Hadid, on Tuesday night. The… — Hassan Mansoor (@hmjavedpk) November 16, 2017

He was spotted sneaking out of her apartment late Tuesday night.

You do you, Abel, and let Justin do Justin!

Victoria’s Secret Lovers Will Soon Be Very Disappointed.

You may not be able to see the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show this year.

Organizers chose China as the destination for the show without realizing how much control the government has over everything.

For example, they are refusing to give entry to journalists, producers, TV crews and TV companies as well as fashion bloggers and other people covering the show.

Not only are they making it difficult to get a visa, but they have rules that you have to show China in a positive light. In other words, it has to be like a tourism video. Also, the Chinese government has to approve everything you send back to the US.

How do you think Victoria’s Secret will make sure that the event is covered?

Here Is Another Reason Why We Love Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga is amazing. She’s one of the most selfless pop stars, one of the most selfless people on the planet!

Now she’s teaming up with former VP Joe Biden to help victims of sexual assault survivors.

They are opening up long-term trauma centers to help people who have long term symptoms like PTSD, depression, and sleep disorders.  

Way to go, Lady Gaga.

You’ll Never Guess Who Pink Dated On Her First Tour.

Pink told James Corden during Carpool Karaoke that she went out on a date with Joey Fatone when she opened for ‘NSYNC.

She says he took her to Friendly’s!

Pink also tried to teach Corden how to sing upside down, something she does a lot in concert.

After Last Month’s Scare, Simon Cowell Is Changing His Habits.

Simon Cowell almost killed himself last month when he fell backwards down a flight of steps. The scare put him on a….well, he’s calling it a ‘health kick.’ Which means that, according to him, he will drink less vodka and cut his cigarette intake from 80 a day to two a day.   

A big motivator for Simon’s new health kick is his 3-year-old son.  He says, “I have got to really take good care of myself. After all I am a dad and have more responsibility than ever.”


Has Anybody Seen Beyoncé?

Have you been wondering where Beyoncé has  been?

Well look no further. She’s on a private yacht in Miami with her hubs Jay Z and daughter Blue Ivy.  They were photographed sitting at a table on the deck chowing down with some friends.

Beyoncé, Blue Ivy, and Jay Z on a yacht in Miami. — BEYONCÉ COLLECTION (@BeyCollection) November 14, 2017

They look happy, so I guess all of those apology songs on his latest album 4:44 are working.

Sorry Ladies! Shawn Mendes Is Off The Market.

This is how it goes when celebrities date each other.

First its rumored they’re together. Then they’re spotted in the same place but it’s not clear if they’re together or not. Then, they’re caught holding hands and then a friend confirms the relationship to a tabloid. Then, they become red carpet official and then they’re seen “canoodling” in public.

That’s pretty much how it went between Shawn Mendes and model Hailey Baldwin.

After she and Justin Bieber split, she went looking for another pop music prince and landed on Mendes.


They were seen all over each other at a party after the MTV EMAs. They wanted everyone to know…they’re together!

Shawn Mendes, Hailey Baldwin e Rita Ora na After Party do EMA. #ARIASSHAWNMENDES — Conexão Shawn Mendes (@ConexaoShawnM) November 13, 2017


Remember When Kanye Superfans Tried To Out Stream Taylor Swift?

When it was announced over the summer that Taylor Swift would be dropping her album November 10th, Kanye West super fans vowed to have a “Hey Mama” day.

That’s where they download Kanye’s song “Hey Mama” to try and outshine Reputation in order to have Kanye’s name up there in the top 10 with Taylor.

They generated around 700,000 streams for Kanye. But, Spotify caught on and did not allow the song to chart because, according to XXL Magazine, it set off their fraud detection.

Talk About Expensive Taste!

Artist Illma Gore was wondering one day what a $15,000 toilet would look like. So she covered it with Louis Vuitton bags!

We’ve heard of people dropping insane amounts of cash for handbags, but using them as bathroom decor…now that’s crazy.

The pricey throne is now allegedly on display in a Santa Monica show room.

Would you make this pricey piece a part of your bathroom?

Lady Gaga Stops Show To Help Bleeding Fan!

Lady Gaga was performing in Connecticut on Saturday night when she noticed a fan in the audience was bleeding badly.

Video: A fan got hit in the face and started bleeding during the show tonight; Lady Gaga stopped the show to make sure she was doing okay and gave her a backstage pass. #JoanneWorldTour #JoanneWorldTourUncasville — Lady Gaga Media (@GagaMediaDotNet) November 12, 2017

It’s not clear what happened to the fan but Gaga stopped the show and said, “Are you alright? Do you need a paramedic?”

She learned that the woman’s name was ‘Meredith’ and she got Meredith help saying that some things are more important than show business and made sure that Meredith got a backstage pass.

Here Is What You Missed From Taylor Swift’s Performance on Saturday Night Live.

Even if you watched Taylor Swift on Saturday Night Live, I have two small details that you definitely missed.

Her first performance of “ Ready For It”  her microphone was a snake and then for her second performance of her new song “ Call It What You Want” she was wearing a snake on her shirt.

She’s been embracing the snake after all the Kim Kardashian fans sent her millions of snake emoji’s.

Clearly @taylorswift13 is a snake &amp; @KimKardashian is right all this time. — fared (@fvred) November 13, 2017


The Weeknd and Selena Gomez drama continues!

It seems like in Hollywood pop music, there are only like ten people to date, which is why everyone keeps dating everyone else’s ex.

Which is why The Weeknd broke with with Selena Gomez, she went back to Justin Bieber, so now The Weeknd is dating Bieber’s ex.

Her name is Yovanna Ventura. Of course she’s an Instagram model and The Weeknd took her to French Montana’s birthday party. According to people there, “They were pretty affectionate and were together the entire night.”

That was Thursday, then they went to a club together on Friday night.

Anyone else wondering how Justin will respond?

Teens Pick 2017’s Most Uncool Celebrity.

Buzzfeed asked teenagers which celebrities were cool and which were uncool. Here’s the full list!

Among the uncool list:

Amy Schumer

Jennifer Lawrence

Jared Leto


Chris Brown

Bella Thorne 

She was the most uncool, with teens saying “she’s a little extra, which we are totally not here for!”

The COOL list contains Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Lorde, The Sprouse Twins, Demi Lovato, Rihanna,  and a rapper named Cupcakke who is a funny, sex-positive artist well-known for reaching out to help her fans.  The Kardashian/Jenner showed up on both lists.

Who would be on your “uncool” list?

Leave it to “Stranger Things 2” for making on impact on fashion sales!

You wouldn’t think that Stranger Things 2 would have much of impact on fashion sales. That seems more like a “Scream Queens” or “Younger” kind of thing.

But for a lot of the season Dustin is wearing a purple hoodie from the Science Museum of Minnesota, it has a dinosaur on it.

‘Stranger Things’ fans crash museum website over a hoodie – CNET: In season 2 of “Stranger Things,” character Dustin Henderson dons a purple hoodie with a Brontosaurus on the front. Now everybody wants one. — Test The Tech (@test_the_tech) November 8, 2017

It sold out! Helping the museum ring up (guess) $400,000 in sales. Don’t worry, they’re re-stocking so you can get the hoodie. It’s $32.95

On my Must Have List: Dustin’s purple hoodie from the @ScienceMuseumMN! Go on, you know you want one! #StrangerThings #StrangerThings2 — Time Geek (@timegeek) November 10, 2017
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