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  • The Names of the Craziest Women In America - Part 2

    What are the names of the craziest women in America? Have you ever dated someone crazy, or been friends with someone who was crazy? Help us compile a list for Long Island.

  • Stupid Thing You Got In Trouble For

    What's the STUPIDEST thing you've ever gotten in trouble for? Can you beat John Online getting a ticket and a court appearance - for THIS?

  • Teresa Giuidice's Final Free Moments

    What are the exclusive details of Teresa Guidice's last moments before starting her time in federal prison? What depressing thing did she do RIGHT BEFORE turning herself in? Eric from Us Weekly has the dirt.

  • Farrah Abraham's Controversial Picture

    What did Farrah Abraham do to her face? Andrew from Life & Style Magazine has the BONUS dirt.

  • How Does Bieber Measure Up?

    How has Justin Bieber caused a controversy with the most recent photo of him? Does it measure up to photos like it? Andrew from Life & Style Magazine has the dirt.

  • Annoying Holiday Gifts For Your Child

    As a parent, can you relate to this: the annoying present someone else gave your child for the holidays. Who was this person and what was the gift? Jayson plans on breaking Dana's gift rules and doesn't seem to care!

  • Kanye's Awkward Gift

    What is Kanye West planning to get Kim Kardashian for the holidays - and why is it causing controvery? PLUS: What celebrity just received a title that they're totally unqualified for? Emily from has the dirt.

  • Rate My Date: The Black Friday Date

    Over the Thanksgiving holiday, our listener Ali reconnected with an old friend. They went out on Black Friday - but she hasn't heard from him since! We find out what went wrong when we ask him to RATE THEIR DATE!

  • Mama June To Show It All?

    Will Mama June show it ALL for cameras - and why? Does anyone WANT to see EVERYTHING? PLUS: Which one of America's favorite TV shows may be coming to an end? Lindsay from has the dirt.

  • Do You Give The Babysitter A Holiday Tip?

    How much do you tip your babysitter for the holidays? Our listener is fighting with her husband because of how much he decided to tip their babysitter over the weekend! She thinks it's WAY TOO MUCH - but what do the majority of Long Islanders think?

  • 3 Things To Know Before You Go: December 15, 2014

    Really good new sfor pet owners who would love to spend eternity with their dogs - how can you do so? What's one thing you may be doing that may be causing you to lose sleep? AND have you felt that you weren't able to express yourself to the fullest on Facebook? What is Facebook planning to allow you to do so?

  • Ariana's Amazing Demand

    How is Ariana Grande taking her personal demands to an absurd level - what does she make the people who work for her do? PLUS: What on-again, off-again celebrity couple might be officially BACK on? Colleen from Popstar Magazine has the dirt.

  • Removing Kris Jenner From Your Life

    Which Kardashian is looking to fire Kris Jenner as their manager? PLUS: What A-List couple now regrets something they did BEFORE having children? Andrew from Life & Style Magazine has the dirt.

  • American's Favorite Christmas Movies

    We love Christmas movies because they get us in the holiday spirit - but what are our FAVORITE ones? We have the top 10 list compiled nationwide - listen and play along to see if you can complete the list!

  • Miley's Over-Sharing TMI

    What did Miley Cyrus over-share when it comes to her bedroom antics? PLUS: What celebrity was caught in a major LIE on national television? Lindsey from has the dirt.

  • My Irrational Fear BEATS JAYSON'S!

    These two listeners have fears that are so irrational, they DEFINITELY beat Jayson's story!

  • My Irrational Fear

    What is your irrational fear? Something that most people would not be afraid of, but you are TERRIFIED! Jayson has to face his ridiculous fear this morning, but it turns out some of our listeners can top him!

  • Love Advice From A Lonely Gay: Holiday Edition

    Do you need love advice and have no one else to turn to? That's where our very own Jayson comes in! What do you do if your pet DESTROYS your Elf on a Shelf? And what do you do if you can't afford the gift that your significant other wants?

  • Dirt Quiz: December 12, 2014

    What celebrity's mood swings have been really extreme lately? What celebrity requires a team of people that cost $85,000 to make them look good PER EVENT? What celebrity blamed God for her recent weight gain?

  • Holiday Card Feedback Etiquette

    When you send out your Christmas cards, do you expect your friends and family to contact you and give you card feedback? Jayson is mad because Dana didn't contact him immediately when she got his card - is she supposed to?

60 items
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#Cleavagegate: Mayim Bialik Flashes Hers to Piers Morgan

Mayim Bialik Flashes Piers Morgan for #Cleavagegate

A Big Bang Theory star has decided to join in the fun of #Cleavagegate, with the help of The Late Late Show and James Corden.

Longest Selfie Stick - Guinness World Records

Ben Stiller Breaks World Record For Having A Long Stick

Zoolander 2 hasn't even opened in theaters, yet the stars of the movie are already breaking world records.

Target Pillowfort

SEE IT: Target's Gender-Neutral Bedroom Furniture

Target has converted its toy section to a gender-neutral situation; now, it's about to do the same to the furniture department.