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Drive Time Live With Syke & MJ Mid-Days 3PM - 7PM

Drive Time Live !

106.1 BLI is proud to announce DRIVE TIME LIVE with Syke and M.J, weekdays ‪from 3-7pm on 106.1 BLI, Long Islands #1 for all the HITS.

Al Levine On The Scene, 9AM - 3PM

Al Levine On The Scene

Al Levine On The Scene plays the hits to get you through your middays. He started on the radio in New England winding through Hartford, New London, Providence and Boston!

Syke, 3PM - 7PM


What can we say about Syke?? Well for one, he looks like Neil Patrick Harris. That's pretty much all we got.

MJ, 7PM - 10PM


If you’re into pop culture, entertainment, & knowing everything about celebrity gossip, MJ is your girl!


Hi, I’m Benson! Born and raised in Huntington, Long Island, and it’s safe to say that I am crazy about radio.

Zach Feldman

Hey, BLI Listeners! I'm Zach Feldman, a Long Island native living in Nassau County. My interest in radio began when I was ten years old.

Flyin' Brian

Brian got his start in radio on a brutally cold Sunday morning at 3am late February, 2010 and has not looked back ever since.


Hey I'm Mezzy like the Mezzanine! I was born in Queens and raised by our very own Long Island. Birthday: September 13, 1991 ( I was born on Friday the 13th because I'm evil <inserts evil laugh>) Favorite Music: Feel Good Music (No seriously, as long as I can dance to it, I'm sold!

Pat Gessner

Pat Gessner AKA “That Guy With The Beard” Weekend / Part Time Jock at BLI. Loves music of all kinds.


Chanel Omari is her name but you can call her COCO. ON-AIR RADIO JOCK, Journalist, TV Host & Reporter/TV Producer & Writer, Chanel Omari has come a long way in 30 years.

Brianna Bee

Hey Long Island! I’m Brianna Bee! I became involved with radio when I was sixteen years old at my high school’s radio station 91.

TJ Smooth

TJ Smooth is a proud native of Brentwood, NY, whose dream was to entertain the masses! TJ prides himself on being able to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Tyler on BLI

Tyler is a Brooklyn native but his heart is now in "LONG ISLAND". Tyler had a passion for radio from a very early age.

Paulie V

Hey Long Island I'm Paulie! I'm also known as "Darkness" by many here at BLI because I love to keep my studio, well, DARK when I'm on-air!

Danny DeVito & Rhea Perlman: 34 years

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