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Dana & Jayson in the Morning! Weekdays 5:30AM-9AM.

Dana and Jayson in the Morning

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Be A Part Of Dana & Jayson in the Morning!

Consider this your official invitation to be a part of Dana and Jayson in the Morning! Do you have a secret you’ve been keeping in but want a chance to get it off your chest anonymously?

Al Levine On The Scene, 9am- 2pm

Al Levine On The Scene

Al Levine On The Scene plays the hits to get you through your afternoon along with traffic for your ride home!

Syke, 2pm-7pm


What's up, I'm Syke! I was born and raised right here on the Island that is Long and when you can play the game, You know you're from Long Island when/if and you are still going after 2 hours, you know you belong.

MJ, 7pm -Midnight


Hey Long Island.. I'm MJ! Little bit about me.. I was born & raised in Staten Island. I come from a huge family.


Hi, I’m Benson! Born and raised in Huntington, Long Island, and it’s safe to say that I am crazy about radio.


Hi, I'm Alina! I was born in Romania (in the region known as Transylvania) then lived in California for a few years, but I've been on Long Island most of my life.

Zach Feldman

Hey, BLI Listeners! I’m Zach Feldman, a Long Island native living in Nassau County. My interest in radio began when I was ten years old.

Flyin' Brian

Flyin' Brian is one of the youngest on the BLI Air team. He recently received his Bachelors Degree in Mass Communication from Five Towns College.

Pat Gessner

Hey guys, I’m Pat! I was born and raised in Farmingdale, Long Island, and I LOVE RADIO! I graduated from SUNY Oneonta with a degree in Mass Communication and History (Weird combo, I know).

Anthony From The Deli

HometownLong Island, NYBirthdayJune 27"When it comes to music..."I'm pretty easy- anything that sounds awesome and gets my foot tappin.

Indiana Jones

Want More Indiana Jones?

From the HOLLYWOOD IS OUT OF NEW IDEAS department comes this news from Deadline. Disney is looking into to reviving the Indiana Indiana Jones franchise.

72nd annual Golden Globes

All Women Cast in "Ghostbusters" Reboot!

We've been speculating for a long time as to whether or not there would be a "Ghostbusters" remake & if so, who would star in it?

Angry Woman

Words Women HATE Being Called By Men

As a woman, what do you HATE being called by men? We're making a list and giving out a WARNING to all men to stop calling women these names!