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A Great Big World... or is it? Syked On New Music

Check out this week's interview with the writers/performers of one of the BIGGEST songs in the country right now (also probably the SADDEST song ever written) A Great Big World!


Robin Thicke SNEEZE ATTACK, Selena Gomez gets snippy, plus other celebrity MESS UPS!


First Step

The first step a child ever takes is a momentous occasion for any proud parent! Imagine the first steps of a child whose foot and leg have been amputated due to a condition called "Omhalocele".


Justin Bieber to be charged with vandalism

Justin Bieber will be charged in Los Angeles in an egg-throwing incident in January that damaged a neighbor's home, prosecutors said.

Best Friends

Rate My Date: The Best Friends Date

One of our listeners went out on a date with one of her best friends. There was a lot of flirtation, and she thinks that she is ready to move the relationship to the next level.