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Dana and Jayson in the Morning is turning rush hour into happy hour, taking the listener on an extraordinary ride through glossy pop culture, candid conversations and scandalous surprises where no topic is too taboo and no celebrity train wreck is safe. The true stars of the show are the unfiltered, unashamed, and unapologetic callers that are eager to share the most personal details of their lives. Sometimes it's shocking, sometimes it's controversial and it's always entertaining. Dana & Jayson are simply the hosts of the party and everyone is invited. Whether you call in to participate or simply wish to be a voyeur, there is something for everyone with Dana and Jayson in the Morning.

Latest from Dana And Jayson

10 Ways To Get Ready For Bikini Season

Are you ready for bikini season? It is now officially getting warmer so this is the time! But how do you get started? Our friend, sports nutritionist and personal trainer Stacy Moutafis from SM Fitness has the top 10 ways to reach your goal.   Click here to listen.    ...

10 Healthy Foods That Will Lead You To The Bedroom

This Valentines Day, you might want to serve these 10 foods that are not only low in calories, but high in aphrodisiac ability. Stacy Moutafis from SM Fitness has the information that we are drooling over.   Click here to listen.      Stacy Moutafis is certified by the International ...

All The Feels of Christmas Music

Which Christmas song is giving you "all the feels" this season? We obviously couldn't pick just one!  

Gwen Stefani Gets Real and Honest

Gwen Stefani talked with Dana and Jayson about EVERYTHING going on in her life right now! Is "Used To Love You" the break-up anthem of 2015? Gwen responds here.   How is Gwen Stefani dealing with having the most talked about relationship right now? #HotCowboy #TeamGwen #BlakeShelton Plus: Listen to ...

Turkey Giblet Bet Payoff - Dana Loses!

Is there anything more disgusting than what Dana was forced to eat? Or are you one of the proud FEW who love this part of Thanksgiving? #TurkeyGiblets #FirstTimer    

Cooking With Jayson: Thanksgiving 2015 Edition

Having a lot of unwanted friends and family joining your Thanksgiving dinner this year? Jayson has the perfect recipe to help you deal with your problem in the latest edition of 'Cooking With Jayson.'  

5 Tips To Save Calories This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is upon us - and instead of packing on the pounds, there are ways to save calories and still enjoy the holiday! Our own weight loss guru - Stacy Moutafis from SM Fitness - has the tips you need to know!   Click here to listen.   (AUDIO coming by ...

Justin Bieber Is In Love - With BLI's Dana?!

Have you ever had a celebrity crush? Dana just received flowers from Justin Bieber (her celeb crush) and she LOST it! Would you react this way? 

From Long Island To Paris

These are the messages from YOU to the people of Paris, translated by AP French students at Ward Melville High School. This video, in addition to your audio messages, have been sent to a local Paris radio station. Please help us share this message of love and encouragement.    

American high school students share messages of love with Paris

Americans everywhere were affected by the tragedy of 9/11. >> Read more trending stories    The experience that shook America over 10 years ago is now being compared to the terror attacks that struck Paris on Nov. 13. In a video created by students at Ward Melville High School in East ...

Jonah Hill has a huge passion for Real Housewives of Atlanta, so intense that the show actually sent him a gift basket!

10 Celebrities Who Are Obsessed With Reality TV

These 10 celebs are guilty of being in love with today's hottest reality TV shows.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard File For Divorce

8 Celebrity Breakups You Missed This Summer

Ouch.. Who could've seen these breakups coming? Bet you didn't!