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Puffy The Producer

Shawn "Puffy" Novatt is the person responsible for everything you hear on Dana and Jayson in the Morning.  If you hear it, he pressed the button that played it!

He graduated from Hofstra University in Long Island, NY, where he worked at the college radio station 88.7fm WRHU.  He has worked all over the radio dial, including radio stations on Long Island including was what then known as KJOY 98.3, B103 and 710, WOR-AM in New York City.

He is the perfect example of a "radio geek." If it happens on the radio dial, he knows about it. If you don't hear him on the air in the morning, it's because he's probably at the vending machines getting a snack!

Birthday: March 14, 1977.

Favorite Song We Play Right Now: Call Me, Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen.  I can't get that damn song out of my head!

Favorite TV Shows: I really like "Mom" "The Millers" "Law & Order SVU" "Modern Family" and "The Big Bang Theory.)

If I didn't work in radio, I'd be: A Radio Teacher

Hobbies: Radio and the Internet.

The team I root for the most: Let's Go Mets!

Secret Talent: I can squeak like a duck. Don't ask.

Famous Last Words: "Free Food? YAY!"

Latest from Puffy The Producer

Cookie Dough Oreo's - Image provided by Walmart Images.

Oreo Just Made Oreo's Sound Even More Delicious

Have you heard the AMAZING news?   Oreo has released two new flavors - Marshmallow Crispy - and COOKIE DOUGH! The cookie dough version uses the chocolate wafers and cookie dough-flavor filling with tiny chocolate chips. The marshmallow crispy version uses Golden Oreos to sandwich a marshmallow-flavored filling with crisped ...

Dorito's - image provided by

Dorito Dust For Sale!

The success of Taco Bell's Dorito Loco taco shell has the snack food's owner Pepsico looking for new ways to use its cheese dust. Sales of the taco topped $1 billion in October.  Since the enormous boon, Pepsico has been eager to dream up other restaurant dishes featuring the popular ...

MIRAMAR, FL - NOVEMBER 18:  Terry Cheung prepares a pizza pie to be served to students at Everglades High School on November 18, 2011 in Miramar, Florida. Monday evening the United States Congress passed a spending bill with a provision that would allow schools to count pizza as a vegetable.  (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Print Your Own Food At Home!

Researchers working on the 3D printer want to revolutionise home cooking – with the launch of the first food printer. It's called The Foodini, and it will combine ‘technology, food, art and design.’  It can be used to make anything from chocolate fingers to ravioli.  What would you print up ...

World's Largest Snickers - Image provided by where item is available for sale!

World's Largest Snickers Bar

Talk about NUTS! Meet the WORLD'S LARGEST SNICKERS BAR!  It's nearly ONE FOOT LONG and weights an entire POUND! It costs about $41 - and contains 2,000 calories! Snickers even recommends to SLICE and SHARE this sucker!  Who wants a piece? You can buy it here.

Taste Testing Bacon Cupcakes!

After enjoying a bacon sundae, Puffy the Producer and John Online taste-test BACON CUPCAKES. Thanks to GOT CUPCAKES!,AAAAAFif1zI~,rNFDKw1AoQ2M8EjaqhTEgYqzfK-Ql-aE&bctid=1684683051001            

BLI's Dick Clark Tribute... Mascara Warning! Grab a tissue...

Dick Clark died Wednesday at the age of 82.  Here is a tribute to his life and career.   MASCARA ALERT!  Grab a tissue... Listen to the tribute here.ORDownload the audio here, or click here to listen on an iPhone or iPad. RELATED: - Dick Clark Photo Gallery "Through The Years"- ...

Taste Test: The Bacon Sundae

A new menu item coming to a fast food restaurant in the south sounded good to Puffy the Producer... So he decided to make it here and force John Online to taste test it, too.  Watch as we enjoy THE BACON SUNDAE!,AAAAAFif1zI~,rNFDKw1AoQ2M8EjaqhTEgYqzfK-Ql-aE&bctid=1567299955001  

BLI's Whitney Houston Tribute

Here's a quick look back at the career of Whitney Houston. Listen |  Download, or listen on an iPhone or iPad here.  Produced by Shawn "Puffy" Novatt  


We have come to the realization that there is a new kind of sex that men expect: OBLIGATORY SEX! This includes, but is DEFINATELY not limited to:- Birthday Sex- Anniversary Sex- I Just Passed A Test Sex- I Got A Promotion Sex- Today is Tuesday Sex The list goes on ...

Is It Ever OK To Shower With Your Young Kids?

Adam, our Sales Manager, shared the story of how his wife was upset with him for letting their 2-and-a-half-year-old daughter shower with him!  This brought up a fierce debate of whether it is EVER OK to shower with your kids, or if its OK up to a certain age... plus ...

Nasim Pedrad on Conan

Unaired SNL: Nasim Pedrad as Aziz Ansari

We may never get to see Nasim Pedrad's impressions on Saturday Night Live again, as she has left the show to star in a new Fox sitcom, but that doesn't mean we won't see her impressions on TV in general ever again!

41 mins ago  


Ryan Gosling Is A Daddy!

Congrats to Eva Mendes & Ryan Gosling on the birth of their first child, a beautiful baby girl! Congratulations to the new parents!


How To Get The Free U2 Album Off Your iTunes

Not a fan of U2? Mad at Apple for giving you their album for free with an automatic download? We now know how to GET RID of the rockers!