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Posted: 8:40 a.m. Monday, Oct. 28, 2013

My Daughter Wants To Wear THIS For Halloween 

Sexy Cop Costume
Sexy Cop Costume - This example is courtesy of and available for sale on from Leg Avenue.

By Dana DiDonato and Jeffrey Jameson

One of our listeners is not happy with the costume her daughter bought and is planning to wear for Halloween.

She wants to know if other parents would be OK with their 15-year-old daughter wearing this costume?





Dana  DiDonato

About Dana DiDonato

Dana is one of the few lead female Hosts in Morning Radio. Like most children of the 80's, she grew up making mix-tapes on her Fisher Price Tape Recorder, but unlike other children, Dana would talk before every single song.

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Jeffrey  Jameson

About Jeffrey Jameson

Jeffrey Jameson is a radio/television personality and the co-host of Dana and Jeffrey in the Morning and a member of The Fashion Police for US Weekly Magazine.

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