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Must-see: 2016 Chevrolet Camaro unveiled in Detroit

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General Motors showed off its faster, lighter Camaro on Belle Isle in Detroit, Michigan, on Saturday.

>> PHOTOS: GM unveils 2016 Chevrolet Camaro

The base model sixth generation of the iconic sports car, which debuted 49 years ago, boasts 275 horsepower and gets 30 miles per gallon, the Los Angeles Times reportsFor more information, visit Chevrolet's Camaro site.

Click here or scroll down to get a closer look.

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Photos: GM unveils 2016 Chevrolet Camaro

2.12 million vehicles recalled for air bag, seat belt problems

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued important safety recall information on Saturday.

About 2.12 million vehicles have been recalled. These include the Acura MDX, Dodge Viper, Jeep Liberty, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Honda Odyssey, Pontiac Vibe, and Toyota's Corolla, Avalon and Matrix.

According to a release, the vehicles were subject to recalls in 2012, 2013 and 2014 that resulted from NHTSA investigations to address a problem with an electronic component that might cause airbags or seat belt pretensioners (devices that tighten your seat belt) to deploy when they should not.

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The NHTSA recently determined that a small number of vehicles that had been fixed under those recalls had experienced inadvertent airbag deployments, and the agency urged all three automakers to issue new recalls.

Below is a list of recalled vehicles:      •    2002-2003 Jeep Liberty and 2002-2004 Jeep Grand Cherokees (about 750,000 vehicles);     •    2003-2004 Honda Odyssey and 2003 Acura MDX (about 370,000 vehicles);      •    2003-2004 Pontiac Vibe, Dodge Viper and Toyota Corolla, Toyota Matrix and Toyota Avalon (about 1 million vehicles, not all of which were sold in the United States)

You can check your vehicle’s identification number (VIN) online by clicking here to see if it’s included in the recall. You will also receive a notice in the mail from your vehicle’s manufacturer if it is included in the recall.

Click here to read more from the NHTSA about this recall, including frequently asked questions.

– WDBO in Orlando, Florida, contributed to this report.

Photos: 2014 New York auto show

Tesla founder argues claims that the vehicles are fire prone

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Confronted with a flood of bad publicity over three fires, Tesla Motors founder, Elon Musk, took to social media to confront criticism that Tesla may be fire prone.

A Federal investigation is currently underway looking into several claims of Tesla batteries catching on fire. 

Dale Raaen owns a Tesla and says he still loves his car, despite the federal probe.

“I think it's a media reaction, over reaction, to the fires that have occurred because really no one was ever in any danger like normal car fires are," says Raaen.

Renowned brand strategist expert and author, David Aaker agrees.

"What's more problematic for Tesla is the fact that these fires got so much press," says Aaker.

To counter that bad publicity in the traditional media, Tesla founder Elon Musk took to Twitter, the Blogosphere and other social media, saying: "What makes this incredibly unjust is that the Model S to date has the best safety record of any car on the road (no injuries or deaths ever)."

Golden Gate University Professor of Consumer Psychology Kit Yarrow says Elon Musk occupies a very special place in the hearts of consumers, especially those who aspire to own a high end electric car.

"Elon Musk has a personal relationship with nearly half a million Twitter followers so, though social media I think, in some ways, he has terrific credibility that, you know, it kind of competes with the credibility of the government in no other CEO of a car company really can," says Yarrow.

That can carry the ball in the social media world," adds brand expert Aaker.

The only way you can judge the Tesla is in light of how it performs against other cars and KTVU crunched those numbers. There are more than a quarter billion passenger cars in the U.S and according to safety and government agencies, on average; 194,000 cars suffer roadway fires. That works out to about one fire in about every 1300 vehicles. 20,000 Tesla S models on the road and there have so far been three Tesla fires which means, only one in 6300 have burned.

“The data show, that the Tesla car is probably six to seven times safer than a gasoline engine car," says Aaker.

"This car is far superior to any car I've ever driven," says Tesla Owner Dale Raaen.

Experts say Tesla’s greatest danger would be more fires, which could cause Musk to lose control of the argument.

Website users help find, recover stolen DeLorean

The beloved and rare car was reunited with its heartbroken owner thanks to the website Jalopnik.

The Delorean was stolen from the owner’s yard in Morgan Hill, Calif.

The car, made famous by the film Back to the Future, is a very unique car.

This particular model is no exception. In fact, it is more unique than most.

This Delorean is painted black. Most are just a simple stainless finish.

The owner posted his sad story to the Jalopnik site and commenters took action.

Readers and commenters on the site, known as Jalops, took to Craigslist to see if the thief was trying to sell it. He was.

The not-so-smart car thief had the priceless possession for sale for just $12,000.

A few people sent e-mails to the poster, known as Mikey, to verify it was the car they were looking for.

“Mikey” sent pictures of the car and of the odometer. With that, they knew it was the right car.

It had 636 miles, same as the stolen car.

The private-eye-posters told the owner, he told police and now the car is on its way home.

Police haven’t said what exact charges the thief will see, but his capture is all thanks to some dedicated enthusiasts.

Read more at Jalopnik

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Driverless Mercedes turns heads at auto show

It was a grand entrance for the Mercedes Benz S500, the vehicle Daimler hopes will lead the car industry's grand experiment in autonomous driving.

Daimler says the car, driving with limited autonomy, performed well on a recent 60-mile test drive through Germany.

The car is designed to operate with and without a driver at the wheel.

Radar and other sensors tell an onboard computer where the car is and what's in its vicinity. Color cameras mounted behind the windscreen can interpret traffic lights while another camera pointed to the rear contributes to a digital positioning system that tells the car where it is, and where it should go to reach its destination.

"A lot of people would like to have such a feature in their vehicle … in certain situations where driving is not really fun - in a traffic jam, on your daily commute to work," Daimler head of Telematic

Research Ralph Herrtwich said. "That's where people would like to have that feature and that's why we intend to build it for them."

But a fully autonomous car is still years away from commercial release. And before travelers can sit back and leave everything to the car, there is the issue of regulation.

And Daimler has rivals - Audi, Volvo, BMW and others are also pursuing driving autonomy, and a market that's increasingly in favor of a hands-off driving experience.

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