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Touching photos: DJ takes dying dog on bucket-list road trip

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A New York man is giving his 15-year-old dog the trip of a lifetime.

After Thomas Neil Rodriguez – also known as DJ Neil Armstrong – learned that his mixed-breed dog, Poh, likely won't live much longer, he decided to take the pooch on a cross-country adventure, according to ABC News and the Good News Network

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Since March 6, Rodriguez, his fiancee and Poh reportedly have traveled 12,000 miles and visited 35 cities, including Atlanta, Austin, Seattle, New Orleans and Washington, D.C. Poh even has his own Instagram account.

"I am super blessed that I have actually gotten to do this," Rodriguez told ABC. "People think I take care of Poh, but Poh takes care of me."

Click here or scroll down to see photos from Poh's trip.

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Mother cat adopts kittens after losing her own

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A person turned in six tiny kittens, which were found tied in a trash bag in a garbage can outside a Walmart in Indian Land, South Carolina.

The kittens are about 8 days old. They were given Saturday to the Indian Land Animal Hospital, which had a female cat that lost her kittens on Thursday.

The female cat, named Sandrine, cuddled up with the orphans.

WSOC-TV spoke to the woman who found the kittens.

>> PHOTOS: Kittens found in trash bag

“I just started crying, and it was just the shock that someone could actually throw kittens away,” Collette Bouchard said.

Her brother, Michael Bouchard, was also there. He said it was just by chance they found the kittens, because he did not park where he normally does.

“If we weren't parked there, she would not have heard the animals,” Bouchard said.

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Veterinarian Monica Tarantino rushed to help the kittens.

“They were in bad shape. I don’t think they would’ve made it, not through the rest of the day given the situation they were in. They were essentially going to suffocate,” Tarantino said.

It is not clear who left the kittens in the bag. They will need homes in about seven weeks.

Officials from the animal hospital said they did not need donations for the kittens but said that if people wanted to donate, they can give to their local animal shelter or animal rescue group in honor of the rescued kittens.

The animal hospital called police to investigate the incident.

IMAGES: Kittens found in trash bag

Popular dog treat maker issues recall over Salmonella risk

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Popular dog treat and toy maker Nylabone has issued a recall for its puppy chews over a possible Salmonella risk.

According to a news release, the recall covers one lot of the 1.69-ounce Puppy Starter Kit marked with "Lot #21935, UPC 0-18214-81291-3" and an expiration date of March 22, 2018. Routine testing "revealed the presence of Salmonella" in that lot, which was distributed nationwide and in Canada. Both pets and humans handling the product are at risk, the company said.

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Salmonella can cause fatigue, diarrhea, fever, vomiting, abdominal pain and decreased appetite. Less commonly, "arterial infections, endocarditis, arthritis, muscle pain, eye irritation and urinary tract symptoms" can result from contamination, the news release said. No illnesses have been reported.

Anyone who bought the affected product can receive a full refund by returning it to the place of purchase. For more information, call 1-877-273-7527 from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. CT.

Read the full news release here.

Puppy reunited with 4-year-old owner after dramatic rescue

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A puppy is back in his 4-year-old owner's arms after firefighters finally pulled him from a hole at a DeKalb County, Georgia, apartment complex, Atlanta's WSB-TV reports.

“Amen,” said Sahri, 4, cradling the 7-week-old dog.

Sahri’s puppy, Toshi, disappeared Tuesday morning, falling 6 feet into a PVC pipe.

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“We did what we could at first. We called 911. They sent animal control. They couldn’t do anything,” said Shantessa Love, Sahri’s mother.

Crews brought in an excavator, as public works employees dug and firefighters kept a close eye on Toshi. Crews dropped a small camera down the pipe, but a ruptured water main made things worse, because the puppy could drown.

Finally, after eight hours, rescuers pulled the wet, crying puppy from the pipe.

“When they pulled her out I was like, ‘Wow. These people must be really dedicated to their job because they got her out,” said Love.

Sahri reached out to grab her tiny puppy from animal resuce officials. She nuzzled the whimpering puppy into her shoulder and said, “My puppy, he’s cold.”

Animal officials gave Toshi oxygen, and he is expected to be just fine. 

Corgi Beach Day: Hundreds of pups have fun in the sun (PHOTOS)

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Aww! Hundreds of Corgis visited California's Huntington Dog Beach on Saturday for So Cal Corgi Beach Day.

According to the event's Facebook page, 634 of the super-cute pups hit the sands for fun in the sun.

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Click here or scroll down to check out some adorable photos from the event.

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Surprising ways your pet could equal a tax deduction

We all love Fido and Rover and [insert weird pet name here], and now we have a reason to love our furry friends even more.

Two words: tax break. The Daily Finance put together a list of instances when good ol' Fluffy can mean a tax return. 

Some include: 

--If you move: The website says you can deduct the expenses of moving your pet. Typically, the move has to be due to work. 

--If pets are even sort of your profession: If you race or breed animals or have show dogs, some of those expenses could be deducted. And if you've gone as far as turning your love into a business, it could be possible to deduct all of your expenses. 

--Guide and guard animals are also potential write-offs.

And thanks to the Van Dusen v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue ruling in the U.S. Tax Court, fostering pets may also lead to tax deductions. 

Another interesting way to write off some tax dollars is to set up a trust for your pet. Financial website Bankrate spoke with a law professor who said most states allow pet trusts.

And our most surprising way for you to see some green returned? Writing off your pet's food. Personal finance website Kiplinger cites a couple who wrote off the cost of cat food for feral felines. These cats took care of snakes in their junkyard, which in turn made it safer for people visiting. The case went to court, and the IRS agreed it was a deductible cost.

This video includes images from Getty Images and music from Podington Bear / CC BY NC 3.0.

Sheep wearing Christmas sweater reunited with owner

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For those expecting a baaaad ending to this story, think again.

The sheep found by the Nebraska Humane Society wandering around Omaha wearing a Christmas sweater was returned to its rightful owner Tuesday night. (Video via KMTV)

And the sheep's owner was definitely happy to see him alive.

Margaret Vasquez told WOWT, "I was looking for him and all worried for him. ... It was like losing my kid. I was all scared and didn't know what to do." 

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The owners reportedly think the sheep, named Gage, snuck off their property; they didn't notice he'd disappeared until Monday. Meanwhile, the Humane Society found him wandering on a nearby street, so they took him in. (Video via KPTM

Plus, little Gage couldn't pull the wool over the media's eyes. As often is the case with bizarre stories like this, outlets all over the country picked up the sheep saga.

So who gets credit? Well, leave it to the power of social media. 

A friend of the family who located the sheep told WOWT she stumbled on a photo of the festive lamb on Facebook.

And, of course, the whole dressed-up animal thing has become an Internet sensation before. Remember "IKEA Monkey" from two years ago?

This little guy was found strolling through the popular furniture store with a tiny puffy coat, and that's all it really took for it to chalk up retweets and favorites galore. (Video via ABC)

And, if you look closely here, you'll notice the monkey was found the same day Gage was returned to his owners two years ago. Hmmm ... animal conspiracy, anyone?

This video includes images from the Nebraska Humane Society and music from Bensound / CC BY ND 3.0.

Police: Pit bull protects girl, 5, after another dog bites her face

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A dog that bit a 5-year-old Florida girl's face Saturday was attacked by the girl’s pet pit bull and euthanized, Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control Capt. Dave Walesky said.

The girl, playing on a sidewalk, tried to pet the dog, a Labrador mix, before it bit her, Walesky said. The girl’s pit bull attacked the offending dog, which suffered severe injuries, Walesky said.

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The girl was treated at Delray Beach Medical Center and released, Walesky said.

The Labrador mix was euthanized by Animal Care and Control and will be tested for rabies.

Must-see: Adorable photo of Boston puppy in oversized K-9 vest goes viral

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A photo of a German shepherd puppy in a K-9 vest has gone viral after a group that equips the dogs to work in law enforcement posted the image on Facebook, WFXT-TV in Boston reports.

The puppy, named Tuco, according to Boston Magazine, is 9 weeks old and being trained by Patrol Officer Troy Caisey, the head trainer of the Boston Police Department's K-9 unit. 

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Massachusetts Vest-A-Dog is a nonprofit organization that has provided the Boston police K-9 unit with first aid kits and 26 vests since 2000. 

The photo was posted to Facebook on Sunday as part of fundraising and awareness about a Massachusetts police dog calendar.

Read the full story here.

Post by Massachusetts Vest-A-Dog.

27 items
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