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Aberdeen shooting: Woman, 26, kills self, 3 others in 'horrific' Rite Aid center incident

Four people died Thursday after a temporary employee opened fire at a Rite Aid distribution center in Maryland, according to Harford County sheriff’s deputies. The suspected shooter was among the deceased, Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler said.

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Deputies in Harford County said they responded just after 9 a.m. to reports of a shooting with “multiple victims” near the intersection of Spesutia and Perryman roads.

Update 3:05 p.m. EDT Sept. 20: In a statement released to WMAR-TV, Pete Strella, manager of communications for Rite Aid, said the company’s distribution center in Aberdeen will remain closed for an unspecified amount of time in the wake of Thursday’s shooting.

Update 2:40 p.m. EDT Sept. 20: Dr. Ray Fang, the trauma medical director at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center in Baltimore, said that two of the four people who were taken to the hospital after Thursday morning’s shooting were in stable condition. The other two were “very seriously injured,” Fang said.

“All four of them came to our trauma center with gunshot wounds,” he said at a news conference Thursday. “Two are stable and doing well and two were very seriously injured and we’re still awaiting confirmation that all their families are aware of their presence here and their injuries.”

He said some injuries were “significant,” and that he believed each patient suffered a gunshot wound to his or her upper body.

Sheriff’s deputies are expected to provide an update on the investigation at a news conference scheduled for 3 p.m.

Update 2:20 p.m. EDT Sept. 20: An unidentified source told CNN that Thursday’s shooting at the Rite Aid distribution center in Aberdeen was the work of a disgruntled employee.

According to CNN, the woman shot herself in the head in an apparent suicide attempt. When she was unsuccessful, she shot her self again, the news network reported.

Deputies did not immediately confirm the report.

Harford County Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler said at a news conference Thursday that the suspected shooter was hospitalized in critical condition after the incident. He did not elaborate on her injuries, although he said none of the officers responding to the incident fired any shots.

The shooting marked the third reported workplace shooting in two days, a situation that former U.S. Rep Gabby Giffords said “should spark outrage in every American.” Giffords was shot in the head in 2011 in an attempted assassination. 

“No matter where you work, learn, play or live -- you have a right to feel safe, and I’m horrified that that’s no longer the reality in America,” she said. “If gun violence feels like it’s become an everyday occurrence, that’s because it is.”

She urged lawmakers and voters to address the shootings with stronger gun laws.

Update 2:10 p.m. EDT Sept. 20: Deputies are expected to provide additional information about Thursday’s shooting at a news conference scheduled for 3 p.m.

Update 1:20 p.m. EDT Sept. 20: Dr. Ray Fang, the trauma medical director at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center in Baltimore, said the hospital was treating four people who suffered gunshot wounds in Thursday’s incident.

“We are waiting for confirmation that their families have been notified that they are here and have been notified of their condition before we can give you any specifics about their conditions,” Fang said at a brief news conference Thursday.

Harford County Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler confirmed earlier Thursday that multiple people were killed and several others wounded in the shooting at the Rite Aid distribution center in Aberdeen. He did not specify the number of people killed or elaborate on injuries, however, an unidentified law enforcement official earlier told the AP three people were killed in the incident.

Gahler said the shooter, who has not been identified, was also hospitalized in critical condition after the attack. It was not clear how she was injured or the extent of her wounds. Gahler said none of the officers who responded to Thursday’s incident fired shots.

Authorities continue to investigate.

Update 12:50 p.m. EDT Sept. 20: Sheriff’s deputies continued working Thursday afternoon to clear the Rite Aid distribution center where a deadly shooting claimed at least three lives.

Update 12:15 p.m. EDT Sept. 20: Harford County Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler confirmed that multiple people were killed and several others wounded Thursday in a shooting at the Rite Aid distribution center in Aberdeen.

Gahler declined to provide additional details. An unidentified law enforcement official earlier told the AP three people were killed in the incident.

The suspected shooter in the case, who has not been identified, was hospitalized in critical condition after the shooting. It was not clear how the suspect was injured. Gahler said no officers fired shots while responding to the incident.

Authorities responded just after 9 a.m. after they received a report of multiple people shot at the center.

Gahler said investigators believe the suspect used a single handgun in Thursday’s attack. No other suspects are believed to be involved in the incident.

“We are so preliminary into this investigation,” Gahler said. “Keep the victims of today’s tragic events in your thoughts and prayers.”

Update 12 p.m. EDT Sept. 20: Authorities told NBC News that the person who opened fire Thursday at the Rite Aid distribution center in Aberdeen is a woman.

It was not immediately clear how she was connected to the distribution center.

Unidentified officials told WBAL that the suspect was taken to a hospital. It was not clear what injuries she was being treated for.

Authorities are expected to provide additional details at a press conference later Thursday.

Update 11:45 a.m. EDT Sept. 20: A spokeswoman for Rite Aid told CNN that she understands that the distribution center where several people were shot Thursday morning has been secured.

Susan Henderson said about 1,000 people work at the Rite Aid distribution center in Aberdeen.

“The distribution center is where products are received and processed for delivery," she told CNN. "This is part of a large facility that is a distribution center. The shooting happened adjacent to the primary building."

Update 11:35 a.m. EDT Sept. 20: An unidentified law enforcement official told the AP three people were killed in Thursday morning’s shooting.

The official was not authorized to discuss details of the case and spoke to the AP on the condition of anonymity.

Update 11:15 a.m. EDT Sept. 20: Officials with Harford County Fire and EMS said Thursday’s shooting happened at a Rite Aid distribution center in Aberdeen.

“The scene is still fluid,” officials said in an update issued around 11:10 a.m.

Authorities are expected to provide additional details at a news conference scheduled for 11:45 a.m. Thursday.

Update 11:10 a.m. EDT Sept. 20: A law enforcement official told The Associated Press that multiple people were killed in Thursday’s shooting.

Original report: “The situation is still fluid,” deputies said Thursday morning. People were asked to avoid the area.

Officials with the FBI’s Baltimore office also responded to the shooting.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan described the shooting as “horrific” in a statement Thursday.

“Our prayers are with all those impacted, including our first responders,” Hogan said. “The State stands ready to offer any support.”

Check back for updates to this developing story.

Texas bride paralyzed in boogie board accident in Hawaii

A Texas woman’s dream honeymoon in Hawaii earlier this month turned nightmarish when she was paralyzed in a freak boogie boarding accident, KXAS reported.

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Nikki Lewis and Will Lewis were married Sept. 8 in a destination wedding on Maui. Days later, the couple and some friends were at the beach. While in the water, a wave broke on top of Nikki's boogie board and she broke her neck, the television station reported.

"I remember seeing her hopping on the board and the wave being taller than me," friend and wedding guest Ja'Mikal Moorer told KXAS. "You say in your head, like, 'Get up. Get up!' But she didn't get up."

"For a while she was just unconscious and we all thought she was dead," said Moorer's girlfriend, Taycha Pillot. "It hurts to see someone so amazing to have to go through this just days after, you know, the perfect day."

Nikki Lewis has been transferred to a hospital in Honolulu and is undergoing care there, Hawaii News Now reported. She is making progress and was able to move her fingers slowly, KXAS reported.

Friends have set up GoFundMe and Facebook pages to help cover medical bills and transport back to Texas.

"Nikki is a mom to two beautiful children and a new stepmom to one. Her fairy tale wedding trip has turned into a horrible nightmare for herself, her new husband, their children and families," her GoFundMe page says. "The medical bills are growing each day and will be unimaginably extensive very quickly."

88-year-old victim of carjacking: ‘I’d kill the SOB’

An elderly Michigan woman left battered and bruised when a man stole her car and purse outside a Walmart store Tuesday did not mince words when asked what she would like to do if she saw the man again.

“I’d kill the son of a (expletive),” Gloria Kevelighan told Fox 2 in Detroit. “The way he pushed me, he didn’t care. He was very strong.”

Kevelighan said she was attacked outside the Livonia Walmart Tuesday afternoon as she got out of her 2017 Ford Escape, which she’d parked in a handicapped parking space. Livonia police investigators said Kevelighan was approached from behind by a man and a woman. 

“He pushed me and I fell flat on my face,” Kevelighan told Fox 2. “I hit my head. I was bleeding and everything.”

Kevelighan said the assault happened in seconds as the man grabbed at her purse until she let it go.

“I tried to hit him with my cane, but I couldn’t. He seemed to want to stay behind me, so I couldn’t see his face, you know?” Kevelighan told the news station. “I tried to turn around and sock him with my cane. If anyone bothers me, I use my cane.”

Investigators said the man and woman jumped into Kevelighan’s car and drove away, nearly running her over in the process. Another customer witnessed the crime and followed the vehicle, but eventually lost sight of it. 

Officers later found Kevelighan’s vehicle abandoned nearby. 

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Bystanders called 911 and came to Kevelighan’s aid, WDIV reported

“I told them at the hospital, ‘I’m a tough broad,’” Kevelighan told the news station

About seven hours after the carjacking, a police officer spotted the suspects in the area on foot. They were arrested without incident, and Kevelighan’s purse, intact except for her cash, was recovered, police officials said

The names of the suspects, a 38-year-old man from Sterling Heights and a 41-year-old woman from Lincoln Park, were being withheld until their arraignment, officials said

Kevelighan praised the quick work of the police department, Fox 2 reported

“I’m a mess but I’m alive, and that’s the important thing,” Kevelighan said

Orlando Melbourne International Airport reopens after security breach; man arrested

Florida’s Orlando Melbourne International Airport has reopened after an early morning security breach Thursday morning, and a 22-year-old college student is now in police custody, authorities said.

Here are the latest updates:

Update 1:25 p.m. EDT Sept. 20: Airport officials said the suspect was a 22-year-old part-time college student from Trinidad and Tobago who had a pilot’s license. Authorities had earlier said the suspect was 26.

The man parked his car outside the terminal and left it running, police said. He then ran through the grass and jumped the barbed-wired fence to gain access, officials said.

"This is a first for me. I fly out of here two to three times a year. This is an odd incident," traveler Lenny Rife said.

An airport employee saw the man enter the Airbus 321, and called airport police, who then called the Melbourne Police Department, MIA representative Lori Booker said.

The man was confronted by two airport maintenance workers inside the cockpit, but he managed to get away. The man was later tackled by the workers and held on the ground near the maintenance hangar until police arrived, officials said.

Florida Institute of Technology released this statement: “Florida Institute of Technology has monitored this morning’s incident at Orlando Melbourne International Airport. The university has confirmed that the suspect from Trinidad & Tobago is a part-time Florida Tech student studying aviation management who had completed some flight training in the past. It would be inappropriate for the university to release the suspect’s name, and law enforcement is continuing its investigation. University officials will collaborate with authorities to further review this matter. No additional information is available at this time.”

Update 7:59 a.m. EDT Sept. 20: Airport officials said a college student with a pilot’s license breached airport security and boarded a full-size passenger jet that was undergoing maintenance.

The student jumped the fence to gain access, officials said. An airport employee saw the man enter the Airbus 321, and called airport police, MIA representative Lori Booker said.

Airport police apprehended the man and called Melbourne police.

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"Melbourne Police Department responded within two minutes, " Booker said.

The student's car, which was parked outside the terminal, was towed after a robotic device searched it, Booker said. 

The FBI and the Terrorist Task Force also assisted in the investigation. 

The man, whose name has not been released, was born in Trinidad and entered the U.S. through Canada, Booker said. 

Booker also said the man had a Florida driver's license.

Update 7:08 a.m. EDT Sept. 20: The airport has reopened, Melbourne police tweeted just before 7 a.m. EDT Thursday. Travelers should check with their air carriers to see whether their flight was delayed, police said.

Original report: Florida’s Orlando Melbourne International Airport is closed due to police activity, officials said Thursday morning.

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All flights have been suspended, officials said.

Police are asking people to avoid the area.

The airport will be closed until further notice, police said.

Melbourne officials said that a college student with a pilot’s license breached airport security and boarded a full-size passenger jet that was undergoing maintenance.

The student jumped the fence to gain access, officials said.

The student was apprehended by airport police.

The airport is being secured, and the student’s car that is parked outside the terminal is being investigated. 

The student’s name has not been released.

 – Visit for the latest on this developing story.

Ex-boyfriend stabs woman’s new boyfriend after hiding in closet

A 24-year-old Texas man is in critical condition Thursday after he was stabbed by his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend, who was hiding in a closet at her apartment, WOAI reported.

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Anthony Escobedo, 24, was taken to a San Antonio hospital with a collapsed lung, the television station reported.

The incident occurred in San Antonio just after 2 a.m., police said. The couple had just gone to bed when the ex-boyfriend jumped out of a closet and stabbed Escobedo several times in the back with a large knife, WOAI reported.

The woman pulled the assailant off Escobedo, police said.

The ex-boyfriend immediately fled following the stabbing, KSAT reported. There was no signs of forced entry and police know the identity of the ex-boyfriend, police said. The woman told police she had no idea how the man got into her apartment, WOAI reported.

Police are searching for the suspect, the television station reported.

3 juveniles arrested after alleged shootout near central Florida high school

A video showing an alleged shootout between two central Florida high school students was released, WFTV reported. Both teens and a third juvenile were arrested.

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Police obtained video they said shows a shootout between two Apopka High School students. Investigators said Keyrontae Harrell, 17, fired a gun while his ex-girlfriend Zari Gant, was driving away from him.

A recording showed Keldon Lewis, 17, raising a handgun and pointing it at a silver Chrysler being driven by Harrell, police said. Seven gunshots were heard.

Police said Harrell fired shots first.

"It shouldn't have erupted in gunfire," Apopka police Deputy Chief Randy Fernandez said. "They're all juveniles, and they came from the school, which is even more disturbing."

Records said Harrell approached Gant near their school and told her she wouldn't be with anyone else.

Gant tried to drive away from the school parking lot with Lewis and two other passengers.

Police said Harrell chased Gant and parked his vehicle in front of her before getting out of the car to point a gun at her.

At Gant’s home, there was a car with at least three bullet holes parked in the driveway. A woman in the home declined to discuss the incident. 

Investigators said that although Gant is considered a victim of domestic violence, she also will face charges, because she brought to school the gun that Lewis fired.

No one at Lewis' home would discuss the incident. An arrest report said one of the conditions of Lewis' release was that he return to school Monday, but the school turned him away.

Harrell is being held at the Orange Regional Juvenile Detention Center.

"This is terribly dangerous anywhere," Fernandez said. "It's certainly dangerous in the middle of a neighborhood."

Police said both guns used in the shootout had been on campus during the school day.

Harrell, Lewis and Gant were each arrested on felony charges.

No one was injured.

British Columbia firefighters battle massive firenado, lose when hose melts

Firefighters in British Columbia, Canada, rodeoed with a weather anomaly Aug. 18, 2018.

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The crew was battling a wildfire when the flames swirled into a “firenado.”

Firefighter Mary Schidlowsky captured the moment as the vortex reportedly rose more than 100 feet in the air.

The crew put up a good fight, but Schidlowsky said the firenado ultimately won out and melted their hose.

On Instagram, she wrote, “Fire tornado destroyed our line. It threw burning logs across our guard for 45 minutes and pulled our hose 100 plus ft. in the air before melting it. That’s definitely a first.”

(Warning: The video contains profanity. Listener discretion is advised.)

A “firenado,” also known as a fire tornado, occurs when a fire sucks in elements around it and a creates a vortex.

Parent claims bus driver forced students to stand on moving bus because they're white

Parents reached out to WSBTV after a picture showing children standing on a school bus in Rockdale County circulated on social media. The photo is now part of a Rockdale School District investigation into a bus driver.

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Some parents said their children are being forced to stand on a moving school bus, and they believe it's not because the vehicle is overcrowded.

"There (are) clear seats to the right of the students, and only the white students are being made to stand up," parent Aaron Chase said.

Chase said the photo showing his two boys standing on the bus makes him furious.

Several other parents said they have been complaining about the bus driver for weeks. They said there are safety issues with children standing and claimed the minority students never have to do it.

The bus driver, who is African-American, is now the focus of an investigation.

WSBTV's Matt Johnson spoke with Chase's 11-year-old son, with his dad's permission, about what bus rides to and from Davis Middle School have been like for the past six weeks.

"We have to hold onto the seats pretty tight so we don't fall over," the child said.

Georgia law allows school buses to operate with 20 percent above the designed seating capacity, but some kids said attempts to sit in open seats are denied.

"She says, 'Young man, get out of the seat or we're not going to go nowhere,'" the child said.

In a statement, school district officials said, "We certainly do take all allegations seriously and will give it the necessary time to completely investigate and find the facts of the situation."

The mother of a child seen on video throwing punches on the same bus said her son was punished indefinitely for defending himself.

"The bus driver told him he has to sit in the very front seat, that no one can sit there with him, that no one can speak to him," she said.

While the investigation is underway, Chase said he worries about the message getting through to children.

"She has demonstrated that it's OK to do this to other kids," Chase said.

Chase's two sons have been assigned a new driver this week, but they said they worry about the other kids still with her.

A spokesperson told WSBTV that she expects the investigation to wrap up by Thursday.

Couple married 25 years after battling cancer together

Two people who fought one of life’s hardest battles together are now celebrating one of life’s most wonderful gifts: love.

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Joel Alsup and Lindsey Wilkerson Alsup met 25 years ago at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.

At the time, 7-year-old Joel was fighting osteosarcoma, a bone cancer that caused a tumor in his right arm. Ten-year-old Lindsey had been diagnosed with acute leukemia.

The pair became fast friends and comforted each other while undergoing months of treatment.

Fast forward several years: their bond became even stronger when they accepted positions at the hospital where they’d met.

Joel works in the American Lebanese Syrian Associated Charities communications department, while Lindsey works as a patient liaison assistant.

The couple exchanged vows on Sept.1, 2018, at the very place they say saved their lives.

Charges dropped against Michigan mom who took teen daughter's cellphone

Charges were dismissed Wednesday against a Michigan woman who took away her 15-year-old daughter’s cellphone as punishment, WOOD reported.

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Jodie May of Grandville said she “was just being a mom” when she took her daughter’s iPhone 6 away in April after the girl got in trouble at school, the television station reported.

"I would like answers on why it got so far and how it got this far where this happened within my home, I'm disciplining my child, then I'm the one being handcuffed," May told WOOD.

May’s ex-husband claimed the phone belonged to him and said May’s punishment was a crime, WOOD reported. The man filed a complaint with the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office and May was arrested May 12.

May said she was nursing her 4-week-old baby when an Ottawa County deputy knocked on her door.

"He had told me that he was going to arrest me, and I asked him if I could turn myself in on that Monday by myself, that I had a new baby. She wasn't taking the bottle yet," May, who has remarried, told the television station. "He said it doesn't work that way, it was a slow night, so he was out doing his list of warrants and he was scheduled to pick me up."

May was released on a $200 bond but faced a misdemeanor charge of larceny that was punishable by up to 93 days in prison, the television station reported.

Prosecutors added a second charge before May’s trial began Tuesday, accusing May of larceny by conversion, a crime also carrying a jail term up to 93 days.

Prosecutors then approached the judge and requested the charges be dismissed because May’s ex-husband did not own the phone. Her daughter did, as she received the phone as a Christmas gift from her father. May said her daughter paid for her share of the phone bill, WOOD reported.

"I've had an opportunity to discuss this case with the victim in this case, or at least the person we believed owned the property," Ottawa County Assistant Prosecutor Sarah Matwiejczyk told the judge. 

"The mother defendant being the mother of the minor child, I believe that changes the case significantly," Matwiejczyk said. "Therefore we're requesting that the charges be dismissed."

May was relieved and told WOOD that “Mom prevailed.”

"I think it's ridiculous," May told the television station. "I can't believe I had to be put through it, my daughter had to be put through it, my family. I'm very surprised, but I'm very happy with the outcome."

Jennifer Kuiper-Weise, May’s court-appointed attorney, a former assistant prosecutor in Ottawa County, told WOOD she was ready for a court fight.

"We knew this was parental discipline," Kuiper-Weise said. "We knew that it would come across that way."

In an email to WOOD, Ottawa County Prosecutor Ronald Frantz said May never told the original investigating deputy that she had taken the phone to punish her daughter. In fact, nothing like that is mentioned in the report.

"Clearly, if a parent takes away a child's cellphone as a matter of reasonable parental discipline, not only would we not charge, but the police would not request a charge," Frantz wrote in an email.

"I believe the prosecutor knew the whole time," May said Wednesday. "It was an easy question to have answered. (The assistant prosecutor) could have asked my ex-husband, his wife, me.

"I think this all could have been avoided if she would have dotted her i's and crossed her t's. She would have found the answers where everything could have been avoided."

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