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For sale: Island with pebbles and penguins

If you are looking for beachfront property located far off the beaten path, then a piece of land in the Falkland Islands could be your own personal paradise.

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That is, if you don’t mind sharing the island with five different species of penguins, sea lions, cattle, 42 different species of birds and 6,000 sheep.

Pebble Island was bought by the Dean family in 1869, but the great-great grandson of the original owner is a motivated seller, the BBC reported. 

"It's an amazing place," Sam Harris told the BBC. "Unfortunately, it's just become too hard to manage."

The family has not lived on the island, which sports a 4-mile long beach, since the 1950s, according to the BBC

Pebble Island is 20 miles long and four miles wide. History buffs will recall that the island was the site of the first land-based action of the 1982 Falklands War.

So, what is the price for this paradise in the south Atlantic Ocean? Harris isn’t really sure.

"We went to an estate agency to get it valued, but they couldn't value it because we've owned it for so long,” Harris told the BBC. “There are no recent values on it they can go on. So we're open to offers."

'Astonishing': Largest known diamond in North America unearthed in Canada

An “astonishing gemstone” unearthed in a Canadian mine in October is the largest diamond ever found in North America, CNN reported.

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The 552-carat yellow diamond was found in Canada’s Northwest Territory at the Diavik Diamond Mine, according to a news release from Dominion Diamond Mines.

The diamond measures 33.74 millimeters by 54.56 millimeters, the company said in its release.

That tops the previous record held by the “Diavik Foxfire,” a 187.7-carat diamond discovered in 2015 at the same mine by the Rio Tinto mining company, CNN reported.

"Abrasion markings on the stone's surface attest to the difficult journey it underwent during recovery, and the fact that it remains intact is remarkable," Dominion Diamond said.

The diamond will not be sold in its rough form, the company said.

Prada pulls products after 'blackface imagery' backlash

Italian luxury fashion label Prada is pulling a controversial product line that many have called “racist” and said depicts “blackface imagery.”

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The new “Pradamalia” collection of wallets, jewelry and trinkets is part of what Prada calls “a new family of mysterious tiny creatures that are one part biological, one part technological, all parts Prada.” The collection also features a $500 “Otto-Toto” monkeylike keychain with dark brown skin and large lips.

Chinyere Ezie, an attorney at the Center for Constitutional Rights, wrote about her encounter with the collection after a visit to the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, where she saw an exhibit on “Sambo” blackface.

“I walked past Prada’s Soho storefront only to be confronted with the very same racist and denigrating #blackface imagery,” she wrote in a Facebook post Thursday. “When I asked a Prada employee whether they knew they had plastered blackface imagery throughout their store, in a moment of surprising candor I was told that *a black employee had previously complained about blackface at Prada, but he didn’t work there anymore.*”

According to the NMAAHC museum, blackface or “minstrelsy” was popularized between the end of the Civil War and the turn of the century in the North and Midwest. The performances “characterized blacks as lazy, ignorant, superstitious, hypersexual, and prone to thievery and cowardice” through exaggerated costumes and make-up, including large lips, bright white teeth and dark skin.

Ezie’s post has since been shared more than 6,000 times as Friday afternoon, prompting other folks on social media to express their concern and outrage.

7-year-old Guatemalan migrant dies of dehydration, shock in Border Patrol custody

A 7-year-old Guatemalan girl taken into custody by U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents last week died two days later of dehydration and septic shock, putting further scrutiny on the conditions of detention facilities at the border. 

The girl and her father were taken into custody around 10 p.m. Dec. 6, accused of illegally crossing into the United States, Border Patrol officials told The Washington Post. The group of 163 people approached CBP agents south of Lordsburg, New Mexico, to turn themselves in. 

The Associated Press reported that an official with Guatemala’s foreign ministry identified the girl as Jackeline Caal. Her father was identified as Nery Caal, 29, of Raxruha, a town in the northern Guatemalan department of Alta Verapaz. 

Ministry officials told the AP that Jackeline was feverish and vomiting as she and the other migrants were being taken to the Border Patrol station in Lordsburg. 

Around 6:25 a.m. the next day, the girl began having seizures, according to CBP records obtained by the Post. Paramedics who responded to the detention center found her temperature to be 105.7 degrees. 

The girl reportedly had not eaten or had water in several days, the Post said. Migrants taken into custody are typically given food and water, but it was not known Thursday if the girl had received nourishment or medical care before her seizures began. 

She was taken by helicopter to Providence Children’s Hospital in El Paso, where she went into cardiac arrest, but was revived temporarily. The girl died Saturday morning, less than 24 hours after being taken to the hospital. 

The Post reported that an initial diagnosis by doctors at the hospital indicated the girl died of septic shock, dehydration and a high fever. An autopsy is scheduled, but it could be weeks before the results are available. 

Jackeline’s father remains in custody.

Andrew Meehan, a CBP spokesman, told the newspaper that the agency sends its “sincerest condolences” to the girl’s family. 

“Border Patrol agents took every possible step to save the child’s life under the most trying of circumstances,” Meehan said. “As fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, we empathize with the loss of any child.”

The ACLU Border Rights Center issued a statement Thursday, stating that a lack of accountability and a “culture of cruelty” within the Border Patrol have worsened policies and led to migrant deaths. 

“This tragedy represents the worst possible outcome when people, including children, are held in inhumane conditions,” the statement read

The organization said that President Donald Trump’s militarization of the border has driven desperate migrants fleeing violence in their native countries into the harshest, deadliest deserts along the U.S.-Mexico border. 

“The fact that it took a week for this to come to light shows the need for transparency for CBP,” the statement read. “We call for a rigorous investigation into how this tragedy happened and serious reforms to prevent future deaths.”

The Post reported that the number of arrests of migrants traveling as families has exploded this year. November saw a record number of “family unit members” -- 25,172, which accounted for 58 percent of the migrants taken into custody last month. 

Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McAleenan testified Tuesday before the Senate about the holding cells used to house migrants. McAleenan called the cells “incompatible” with the large groups of families coming to the border seeking asylum. 

“Our Border Patrol stations were built decades ago to handle mostly male single adults in custody, not families and children,” McAleenan testified, according to the Post

Royal Christmas cards released, see the holiday greetings

The royal family’s Christmas card images have been released. 

Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, are sending a photo taken in the fall of their family, including Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, CNN reported.

The photo was taken at their home in Norfolk, the BBC reported.

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Meanwhile, Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, used a photo of them watching fireworks from the night of their wedding, taken in May, CNN reported. It was taken on the grounds of Frogmore House, Windsor, near their future home at Frogmore Cottage. 

Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, are featured on a bench in the garden at Clarence House. The photo was taken this summer.

Ex-NBA star Dikembe Mutombo flies boy to U.S. to have tumor removed

The foundation of retired NBA star Dikembe Mutombo flew an 8-year-old boy from Africa to the United States so the child could have surgery to remove a large tumor from his face, KABC reported.

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Mutombo first met Matadi in Congo, where the former pro basketball star’s foundation built a hospital, the television station reported. Doctors repaired a cleft lip for Matadi but were unable to operate on the tumor.

"(It’s) very difficult as a father to see a child who is 8 years old who is born like all of us but has not gotten opportunities," Mutombo said.

Mutombo’s foundation sponsored Matadi’s flight to the United States, where doctors at the Osborne Head & Neck Foundation in Los Angeles are performing the surgery for free.

"He is suffering from a life-threatening illness and we are here to help this little boy and Mr. Mutombo's foundation save this little boy's life," Dave Dell of the Osborne Head and Neck Foundation told KABC."Hopefully (the surgery will) change the life of this young man and go back to living a normal life," Mutombo told the television station.Matadi will stay with his father, who accompanied his son to the United States, at the Ronald McDonald house for free while he recovers from his surgery.

Holocaust survivor and author, 92, dies when hit by car, police say

A 92-year-old Oregon man who survived 35 months in a concentration camp died Tuesday when he was hit by a vehicle while crossing the street, the Oregonian reported.

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Alter Wiener was struck by a Honda Accord around 5 p.m. in Hillsboro, the newspaper reported. He died at a hospital.

The driver, Craig Struckman, 50, will not face any charges or citations, police told the Oregonian. Sgt. Eric Bunday, a Hillsboro police spokesman, said Wiener was crossing in the middle of the street -- and not in a crosswalk -- in a curve in the road. It was also rainy and dark and Wiener was wearing dark clothes, Bunday told the newspaper.

In 2007, Wiener wrote “From a Name to a Number: A Holocaust Survivor’s Autobiography,” noting that “I have never been able to bring down an iron curtain on my past.”

Wiener was born Oct. 8, 1926, in Chrzanow, Poland, located near the German border. The Nazis invaded his hometown in 1939, and when he was 15 Wiener was put in a forced labor camp at Blechamer, according to the Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education. He was shifted to camps at Brande, Gross Masselwitz and Lettendorf before landing at Waldenburg in September 1944, according to the website. He was liberated there by the Russian army in May 1945, the Oregonian reported.

After a stint in Palestine, Wiener moved to New York, where he worked for 40 years. He moved to Hillsboro in 2000, the newspaper reported.

After moving there, the Oregon Holocaust Resource Center approached Wiener and asked him to share his story, the newspaper reported. According to his website, Wiener has spoken to 975 audiences through the Resource Center’s speakers bureau.

“The Holocaust is a ghastly and repulsive historical nightmare,” Wiener wrote on his Amazon page. “Not all physical and mental scars can be completely healed with passing years; some extend through time. However, I can not let grief immobilize me.”

U.S. priest charged with sexually abusing 10 boys in Philippines

An American Catholic priest has been charged with soliciting sex with underage boys while in the Philippines, according to federal prosecutors. 

Rev. Kenneth Bernard Hendricks, 77, of Cincinnati, is charged with engaging in illicit sexual conduct in foreign places, according to the U.S. attorney’s office for the Southern District of Ohio. Hendricks was arrested Dec. 5 in the Philippines, where he was serving as a missionary priest. 

At least 10 alleged victims have been identified, according to NBC News. Hendricks is being held in a Manila jail. 

The Archdiocese of Cincinnati said in a statement following Hendricks’ arrest that the priest was ordained while overseas and has never been a priest under the archdiocese’s purview.

“Although not a priest of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, Fr. Hendricks is listed on our website as a Catholic missionary serving in Asia,” the statement from the Archdiocese said. “He is one of around 75 missionaries from Southwest Ohio who receive some financial support from the Mission Office of the Archdiocese. None of these individuals work for, or take direction from, the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.”

Archdiocese officials said they are cooperating fully with the Department of Justice and Homeland Security investigators. They urged anyone with information about the rogue priest to call Homeland Security at 513-246-1461.

“The abuse of children or any vulnerable person is abhorrent and needs to be prosecuted,” the statement said.

Hendricks came under suspicion Nov. 13, when Homeland Security officials received information regarding the sexual exploitation of several minor Filipino boys, according to a news release from U.S. Attorney Benjamin C. Glassman. The information alleged that a Catholic priest, later identified as Hendricks, had been sexually assaulting the boys, several of whom had been identified and were cooperating with police in the Philippines. 

According to the boys, the abuse included anal and oral sex, as well as mutual masturbation, the news release said. The alleged abuse occurred dozens of times and involved boys as young as 7 years old. 

“Hendricks allegedly had a number of minor boys residing with him,” the news release said. “It is alleged he insisted they take baths together and would molest the victims alone or with other boys. The priest allegedly warned the victims that if they told anyone they would all go to prison.”

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Glassman said one conversation between Hendricks and a victim was recorded. 

“This will probably be the scenario is, there will be a meeting and then it will be decided, you know, what your parents want to do about anything,” Hendricks said in the recording. “Do they want to try … want to press charges, uh, whatever see, but that’s between them and the Bishop. I have nothing to do with that. I just get the fallout afterwards.”

He further said in the conversation that the boy’s parents would ask him if he wanted a case to move forward of if he preferred a settlement. 

“But as far as after that, I don’t know what’s going to happen. I really will have to probably really resign, retire now,” Hendricks said, according to the news release

Read the affidavit in support of charges against Cincinnati priest Kenneth Hendricks below. Warning: Details of the allegations against the 77-year-old are graphic.

The criminal complaint has been sealed by a federal judge, but a redacted affidavit in support of the complaint provides further detail of the allegations against Hendricks, who was the parish priest in Naval, the capital of the province of Biliran. 

The affidavit, which often grows graphic with details of repeated sexual assaults, states that two of Hendricks’ alleged victims gave sworn statements Nov. 6 to the Philippine National Police. One young man said the abuse began in 2009, when he was 12 and serving as a sacristan at the church. 

The victim, who is now 22, said the abuse began when Hendricks kissed him on the lips one day as he cleaned the church. He said he also witnessed Hendricks inappropriately touching other young boys who lived with the priest. 

The man, who said he felt he had no choice, ended up moving in with the priest, who financed his education and helped his family. All the while, Hendricks was secretly molesting him, both alone and with other boys, the affidavit says. 

Hendricks often insisted the boy take a bath with him, the document reads. 

The young man told investigators that, at 15, he contracted a sexually transmitted disease from Hendricks. After being treated for it, he refused to have any additional sexual contact with the priest, the affidavit says. 

The affidavit goes over statements made by multiple other victims, whose names are redacted. It also reveals that the recorded conversation mentioned in Glassman’s news release was between Hendricks and the man whose abuse began in 2009.

The recording was made in November, once the allegations against Hendricks were taken to law enforcement.  

During that conversation, Hendricks admitted sexually abusing several boys, the affidavit says. At one point, he tells his alleged victim that “happy days are gone, it’s all over.”

“But the kids, but the kids Father is telling the truth? They are telling everything about you, Father?” the man says. 

“Well, that’s, it’s true. I’m not saying it’s not. Did I say it’s not? It happened,” Hendricks says. 

The alleged victim again asks Hendricks if he admits to having sex with boys.

“It’s already blottered, you put it on a blotter,” Hendricks responds. “Will I lie? It was a mistake on my part. Should have known better than trying to just have a life.

“That’s why you make mistakes. You have to learn from them, so I have to learn.”

NBC News reported that, along with the U.S. charges, Hendricks is also being charged by authorities in the Philippines.

“Our reach in this case is global,” Glassman told the news network. “If someone commits a crime with any connection to the Southern District of Ohio, we can work with other agents for a global reach.”

Hendricks faces 30 years in prison if convicted of the U.S. charges. 

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle live waxworks seen around Berlin

The newest wax versions of Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, are odd, to say the least. And for some they could be downright scary.

Live wax figures of the duke and duchess made their debut at the Berlin Madame Tussauds Tuesday a few days after they were seen shopping in Christmas markets, The Evening Standard reported.

The masks are actually made of silicon, despite being called live wax figures, the “Today” show reported.

This isn’t the first time similar masks made by Madame Tussauds were seen. The masks were worn at “Britain’s Got Talent” live final and were seen as the actors walked around London to celebrate the royal couple earlier this year.

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For the holidays, the royal wax couple have been dressed in Christmas sweaters and a baby bump has been added for Meghan, The Evening Standard reported

>>Photos: Prince Harry, Meghan Markle live waxworks go on display

If the masked versions of the Harry and Meghan are too much for you, the iconic wax museum has more traditional versions of the royal couple. 

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