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Kanye Paid 85k for Pusha T’s Album Cover

Kanye West just paid $85k to license a photo for Pusha T’s Album. Some people are not feeling it though. The artwork is a photo of Whitney Houston’s drug infested bathroom which was taken in 2006 but released to the public in 2012. Pusha T revealed the photograph as the album cover for his upcoming album DAYTONA on Twitter.

Kanye West, who produced the album, wanted to use a photo because he thinks, “This is what people need to see to go along with this music,”.

What do you think about this photo?

The artwork for #PushaT’s new album #Daytona is a photograph of Whitney Houston’s drug-infested bathroom: — Consequence of Sound (@consequence) May 24, 2018

OffSet Confirms What Caused His Accident

Will Smith Teases New Music

Will Smith just released a tease to some new music and Twitter is going crazy. It’s been 13 years since he last dropped an album but he says, “I got the beast back”.  His new bars throw some shade at rappers of today and talk about how he’s been in the rap game. He even slid a curse word in there. Do you think the Fresh Prince can do a comeback?

“More information from me than from most teachers/More inspiration from me than from most preachers/But wait, wait, wait, truly, just for the record/directors make movies/I make directors.”-Will Smith

Will Just snapped on em’! Check it out below.


Britney Spears’ Ex Want More Money!

Britney’s ex, Kevin Federline’s lawyer says he should be getting “at least three times the amount” of child support that she is already giving him. Kevin Federline is claiming that he doesn’t make enough money since he isn’t popular any more.

She refused to turn over her tax docs, so Kevin has to find a way to prove how much money she is making. Do you think he deserves this much money even though they have joint custody?

. @BritneySpears' Ex Kevin Federline Wants 'Three-Fold Increase' in $20,000 Monthly Support, Reports 'Us Weekly'. Kevin could potentially receive $720,000 a year in child support. #BritneySpears #Relationships — INQUISITR Entertainment (@IQShowbiz) May 23, 2018

How To Get Your Royal Wedding Swag Bag

The best thing about attending a royal wedding are the free gift bags. The royal swag was given out to over 2,500 guest. Now, some people are hawking the bags on Ebay. The items in the bag are worth a little over $1,200.

Even if your invite got lost in mail, you to could get a royal bag from Ebay! One is going for over $67,000 right now!

This gift bag from the royal wedding is on eBay for $67,000 — NowThis (@nowthisnews) May 21, 2018

Here’s what’s in the bags

The gift bag that members of the public got at today's #royalwedding — TODAY (@TODAYshow) May 19, 2018

Card B Is BACK On Instagram

The Best Memes From The Royal Wedding.

Taylor Swift Reunites With Selena Gomez

Yes! This just happened you guys. Taylor Swift brought Selena Gomez on the stage during her Reputation tour at the Rosebowl, in California over the weekend. The two besties reunited and fans went nuts. Selena made a full on speech about how great a friend Taylor is and that she changed her life.

Taylor featured Selena on her Instastory and her Facebook page with the caption. “I mean, I could but why would I want to?” which is a verse in the song they performed together.


Chrissy Teigen Shares New Baby Picture

Beyonce Just Cashed Out On A Church

Alright ladies let’s get in this congregation! No, really Beyonce just bought a church in New Orleans. The out of commission church is 7,500 sq. ft and over 100 years old. It is not clear rather or not she is going to convert the $850k structure into a home or not.

Would you attend the Church of Bey?

No, an actual church — BEYONCÉ COLLECTION (@BeyCollection) May 20, 2018

This is just weeks after a church in San Diego put together a Beyonce Mass….umm Ok

Kim Kardashian Receives Backlash Over Ad

The internet is mad at Kim Kardashian again. In one of her recent ads, she promoted some appetite suppressant lollipops. We all know this is how she makes her money online. Of all the shakes and tea she promotes people bashed her over the lollipop ad because it could target girls who have eating disorders. Instagram actually deleted it then replaced it on the site.

Do you think anything is wrong with this post?

This is one viral tweet over the Instagram ad.

No. Fuck off. No. You terrible and toxic influence on young girls. I admire their mother’s branding capabilities, she is an exploitative but innovative genius, however this family makes me feel actual despair over what women are reduced to. — Jameela Jamil (@jameelajamil) May 16, 2018

Does Nicki Minaj & Tina Fey Have a Movie in the Works?

Nicki Minaj just hinted that her and Tina Fey might be making a movie together! Nicki took to her Instagram to announce that after they host Saturday Night Live this Saturday, she and Fey are starting production on a movie.

Nicki is known for playing around with fake announcements but let’s see where this goes. Could you see these two making a movie together?


New promo commercial for SNL May 19th, 2018 featuring Tina Fey and Nicki Minaj — Nicki Minaj Archives (@nmarchives) May 16, 2018

Ed Sheeran Has His Own Ketchup Flavored Gelato

Ed Sheeran has an obsession with  Heinz ketchup.  To the point that he carries a reserve with him at all times. He even has the logo tattooed on his arm.

Right now, Ed is on tour in Ireland and a gelato shop decided to honor him by creating  a KETCHUP ICE CREAM.  

Ed has yet to try it.  It’s not even clear if he knows about it. Would you try a condiment flavored ice cream?

You can blame (or thank) Ed Sheeran for this ketchup ice cream — NowThis (@nowthisnews) May 11, 2018 Showing us his #Heinz Ketchup tattoo @edsheeran. — Julie Toskan-Casale (@J_ToskanCasale) June 16, 2013

Deadpool Crashes The Late Show For Promo

Cardi B Apologizes for ‘Girls” Collabo

Cardi B had to defend her new track “Girls” on Twitter. The track features Rita Ora, Charli XCX and Bebe Rexha.

The song, like the Katy Perry I kissed a girl is causing a divide in the LGBT community. Some find it offensive, telling Cardi to educate herself, others say it’s just a catchy tune, a complete overreaction and we should all just relax.

Do you think the song is offensive? Here’s what Cardi had to say

Listen to “GIRLS” by Rita Ora ft me @BebeRexha @charli_xcx .We never try to cause harm or had bad intentions with the song .I personally myself had experiences with other woman ,shiieeett with a lot of woman ! I though the song was a good song and i remember my experience . — iamcardib (@iamcardib) May 15, 2018 I know i have use words before that i wasn’t aware that they are offensive to the LGBT community .I apologize for that .Not everybody knows the correct “terms “to use.I learned and i stopped using it. — iamcardib (@iamcardib) May 15, 2018

The Kardashians Are Getting Sued Again

Kim and Khloe Kardashian, are being sued by a jet company for allegedly failing to pay an enormous bill and we have questions!  We know they fly private everywhere, but according to TMZ, one company says they still owe an unpaid balance of over $225,000.00!

Kim says that she pays a company a large lump sum and the company then contacts other jet companies to supply the aircraft and pay those companies from the money. Now, this company apparently booked some flights but never paid, and that’s where this lawsuit pops up.

We thought Kanye was broke, you’re still flying private? And are you paying for Khloe, or is there a family fund it comes out of like a shared account? We have questions.


Kim, Khloe Kardashian & Scott Disick Sued Over Jet Fees — Susan Neve (@NeveSusan) May 15, 2018
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