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Mom May Have To Pay $132K Bill For Broken Glass Sculpture

A child’s accident that broke a piece of art may cost a family in Kansas City $132,000.

Sarah Goodman and her family were at a wedding reception at Overland Park’s Tomahawk Ridge Community Center. She said as her family was getting ready to leave they heard a noise. Next thing you know the piece was on the ground

You can see on the video the mother is no where to be found. They later sent her a bill for the damage.

The letter then asked the Goodmans for their insurance information.

She says that she shouldn’t have to pay the bill because the sculpture was not marked do not touch. It was also not roped off from visitors or secured in her opinion.

Who do you is responsible? The museum or the mother?

Video shows a 5-year-old knocking over a statue that costs six figures. His mom says it was an accident, but someone has to pay for $132,000 statue. — CBS News (@CBSNews) June 18, 2018

Bebe Rexha Reveals Anxiety Battle

If you were at BLI Summer Jam, then you saw Bebe Rexha performing her hit songs in front of a crowd of 15k! In a recent interview Bebe Rexha told Teen Vogue that she struggles daily with severe anxiety. Saying:

‘I cry a lot. I have my own therapist and I have people I talk to. It’s an everyday battle. ‘I don’t wanna feed into it, but my lifestyle is so crazy.’  She said that it helps to limit her social media.

We saw her backstage at BLI Summer Jam she was carrying a dog with her, my guess is that the dog helps too.

Thanks to  The Daily Mail  for a shout out in their article about Bebe’s anxiety

There caption read:

“Over the weekend, Bebe took the stage at the 2018 BLI Summer Jam at Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater in New York. 

Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson Shackin’ Up

Over the weekend Ariana Grande shared a picture of Sponge Bob Squarepants to Instagram stories with the caption”

“Us in our new apartment with no furniture 1 speaker and red vines,”

Does this confirm that the two are shaking up before the wedding?


Pete said that getting engaged to the Ariana is ‘better’ than he dreamed it would be.


Alessia Cara Releases “Growing Pains”

Alessia Cara just released her first single off of her upcoming LP, which is yet to have a name. The song “Growing Pains” is already set to be a hit. The singer has been through a lot in the last 3 years she has been out! This is going to be her second debut.

She wrote the song by herself with no co-writers or features. Alessia Cara will be performing tonight at BLI Summer Jam!

BLI Summer Jam IG ThrowBacks!

Summer Jam is upon us! Every year we have this concert it is bigger and better than the last. It’s been going on for years and pictures are the best way to remember how much fun it is.

Thanks to social media, we can look back to all of the best throwback pictures of the past!



5 Facts All Meghan Trainor Fans Show Know

BLI Summer Jam artist Meghan Trainor has been singing most of her life! If you just figured out how great she is, here are 5 facts you need to know if you call yourself a # Megatron

She began singing in church when she was just six

'Thick' girl anthems: On Meghan Trainor and BJ The Chicago Kid's 'perfect' body songs — HitFix on UPROXX (@HitFixUPROXX) August 14, 2014


She’s inspired by Stevie Wonder and Phil Collins


She said she never danced before making the video for All About The Bass.


She’s a big fan of  Bruno Mars


She loves cats.

Cranes Dance to Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect”

Who doesn’t love dancing animals! This extremely cool video was shot by a woman named, Ilene Karlsberg-Gerstein. Last week, near her home in Florida she snapped a video of what appears to be cranes dancing. She was playing Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” on her car radio and noticed it as she drove up to the birds.

“I was on my way home from lunch,” She told PetaPixel. “Ed Sheeran was playing in my CD player. I saw the cranes, so I pulled over, grabbed the phone and rolled down the window. I see these cranes all the time, but in the 6 years I’ve lived here, I’ve never seen this behavior.”

Check it out below.

Watch: Bear Mimic’s Jumping Little Boy

This is going to be the cutest thing you see on the internet today. A video of a little boy and a bear jumping together at the Nashville Zoo is going viral today. The bear appears to mimic the little boys rhythm as they hop together. Lucky his father caught this moment on video.

Check this out!

IMITATION GAME: This bear lets his inner child out as he jumps in unison with a 5-year-old boy at the Nashville Zoo. — ABC News (@ABC) June 13, 2018



BLI Summer Jam Excitement In 6 Tweets!

Tiger Woods’ Brought His Yacht To Long Island

Tiger Woods is here in Long Island for the US Open at Shinnecock. We guess  the accommodations in The Hampton’s aren’t up to his standards, so he’s brought his own. A $20 million dollar yacht that 155-feet long. So he brought his own house to stay in.

With three stories, has 5 bedrooms plus 4 extra cabins for the crew, of course It has a jacuzzi, a gym, and an elevator. The boat is docked an hours away from the US Open at Gurney’s Montauk Yacht Club. Guess what the name is? Privacy. 

Tiger by a million! Tiger Woods has parked his $20M yacht in the Hamptons for the U.S. Open — Barstool Sports (@barstoolsports) June 6, 2018

Cardi B Gets Backlash Over Smoking Video

A video surfaced over the weekend of Cardi B at the club with her baby father, rapper Migos. In the video he can be seen smoking a cigar of some kind and blowing smoke in her direction. The comment section blew up because Cardi is pregnant, so of course everyone decided to post all these comments for her and against her.

This is what she had to say:

“”SINCE YA CARE AND ARE SO CONCERN about my baby … Hit me in my DM for my registry and send me some [Pampers] and baby formula … Don’t just comment like you care about my baby show it!! SEND THEM PAMPERS! … Don’t drama that causes stress harm babies more than anything?”

Check out the video below.


Demi Lovato Cancels London Performance

5 Hashtags You Need To Follow On Instagram

Who doesn’t love to browse social media for inspiration?

Rather you’re a foodie, fit fanatic, or make up guru, these are six hashtags you must follow on Instagram. You are sure to get plenty of likes using these hashtags. The first one is my favorite!



81,573,711 posts


6,420,805 posts (Don’t get baby fever)


270,285,600 posts


175,532,354 posts


32,553,515 posts



61,016,706 posts


8 Photos That Will Make You Go Vegan!

Maybe you seen a documentary that made you take a second look at what you eat or maybe you just want to try something new. Here are some of the best vegan posts on Instagram that might having you making some lifestyle changes.

The last one is the best!



Miss America Pageant Just Got A Makeover

Gretchen Carlson, who chairs the Miss America Organization’s Board of Trustees, Miss America Organization said contestants will no longer be judged by appearance. They will no longer feature a swimsuit competition for the women in the pageant. This is one of the biggest changes in the competition’s 97-year-old competition.

“We are no longer a pageant,” Gretchen Carlson said on GMA. “We are a competition.”

Do you think this is going to make is better or worst?

#MissAmerica's major makeover: big changes coming to the 97-year-old competition. — Good Morning America (@GMA) June 5, 2018


Shawn Mendes 3rd Youngest To Have Three No. 1 albums

Shawn Mendes’ new self-titled just topped the Billboard 200 chart, giving him a third No. 1.  He is the third youngest person to do this. He is one of the largest pop stars right now. Last night he visited The Late Late Show with James Corden and reveled his Harry Potter obsession in the famous carpool karaoke segment. Check it out!



Me trying to think of different emails to get that free trial on Netflix #LateLateShawn #ShawnCarpool @ShawnMendes @JKCorden @latelateshow — Chloe (@Lovesshawns) June 5, 2018

Jay-Z featuring over 50 Artist at Made In America Fest

Jay-z just announced his annual Made In America tour for Labor Day weekend. Nicki Minaj and Post Malone are headlining it and it will feature over 50 other artist! This is definitely the year of the iconic concerts.

There is no word if Beyonce will pop up but hey that is her husband.


Is Mariah Carey’s Vegas Show A Bust?

Remember how excited Mariah Carey was when she told us about her Vegas residency?

Well now she has booked her Vegas show for 3 months. There are rumors swarming that claim tickets aren’t popping like they planned. According to Page Six the only tickets that did sell were to scalpers who had a hard time selling them.

Apparently she fired her manager that suggested she should book a smaller venue so they can promote the show being sold out every night. There are rumors that the fired employee is spreading these lies.

People close to Mariah are super worried because she just told us she’s bipolar and they are worried what a flop will do to her.

Sales for Mariah Carey's Vegas shows are 'a disaster' #news — MMNewzz (@MMNewzz) June 3, 2018


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