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Shawn Mendes 3rd Youngest To Have Three No. 1 albums

Shawn Mendes’ new self-titled just topped the Billboard 200 chart, giving him a third No. 1.  He is the third youngest person to do this. He is one of the largest pop stars right now. Last night he visited The Late Late Show with James Corden and reveled his Harry Potter obsession in the famous carpool karaoke segment. Check it out!



Me trying to think of different emails to get that free trial on Netflix #LateLateShawn #ShawnCarpool @ShawnMendes @JKCorden @latelateshow — Chloe (@Lovesshawns) June 5, 2018

Jay-Z featuring over 50 Artist at Made In America Fest

Jay-z just announced his annual Made In America tour for Labor Day weekend. Nicki Minaj and Post Malone are headlining it and it will feature over 50 other artist! This is definitely the year of the iconic concerts.

There is no word if Beyonce will pop up but hey that is her husband.


Is Mariah Carey’s Vegas Show A Bust?

Remember how excited Mariah Carey was when she told us about her Vegas residency?

Well now she has booked her Vegas show for 3 months. There are rumors swarming that claim tickets aren’t popping like they planned. According to Page Six the only tickets that did sell were to scalpers who had a hard time selling them.

Apparently she fired her manager that suggested she should book a smaller venue so they can promote the show being sold out every night. There are rumors that the fired employee is spreading these lies.

People close to Mariah are super worried because she just told us she’s bipolar and they are worried what a flop will do to her.

Sales for Mariah Carey's Vegas shows are 'a disaster' #news — MMNewzz (@MMNewzz) June 3, 2018


Pete Davison Gets Ariana Grande Tattoo!

It has only been a week since we heard that Pete Davison and Ariana Granda started dating. People are assuming that maybe this bae fest had been going on weeks before they started the PDA on Instagram. The comedian got some new ink to celebrate his relationship with the Ariana.

One picture is of her signature bunny ears and the other is her initials “AG”

Check out the pictures posted to Twitter.

Soooooooo, Pete Davidson Just Got Two Ariana Grande Tattoos — BuzzFeed Entertainment (@BuzzFeedEnt) June 2, 2018

Top Memes Inspired By Kanye’s “YE”!

Kanye West dropped his album “YE” last week! Although he spent $85,000 for a drug infested picture of Whitney Houston’s bathroom for Pusha-T‘s album cover, he decided to go the cheap route for his own cover.

He used his iPhone and captured a picture of mountains with writing on it that looked like it came from a paint brush program. It read:

“I hate being Bi-Polar, its awesome”

This set off a meme storm. These were the results.

#ye #plunging #Yenerator #yannyvslaurel #blueandblack — CA to SA (@Cliftonantho13) June 3, 2018 #ye — tri (@__trishhh) June 3, 2018 Damn the #Ye album art is wild — Barrios (@jdb_chillin) June 3, 2018 Check out our 2017 album "Private Function" on Soundcloud @ Lol couldn't help myself. #ye #yenerator #kanyewest #kanye #soundcloud #newmusic #albumcover #mixtape #westcoast #trap #follow #listen #newalbum #artist #idie #followback #trapmusic — Ignorant People (Crezzo) (@IgnorantPeoplez) June 2, 2018 #ye — sai (@sairajbhor) June 3, 2018 #Ye #Yenerator — Alex Villa (@VILLAin4417) June 3, 2018

John Cena and Nikki Bella Are Back On!

Seems like John Cena’s pleas to get back with Nikki Bella actually worked. Cena and Bella have been together for about six years before calling off their engagement in April. They both seem to be heart broken about the break up, although they never explained why they split. Here it is a month later and these two are right back together.

Do you think these two are just soul mates?

John Cena's desperate plea to get Nikki Bella back might've totally worked … — TMZ (@TMZ) June 1, 2018

Tom Cruise Teases A “Top Gun” Sequel

It’s been 31 years since Tom Cruise play in the movie Top Gun. It is one of those classic movies. Are we ready for another Top Gun? Well, enough people must be because the Top Gun reboot is underway, TMZ posted some video of Tom Cruise on a motorcycle at an air force base. He also tweeted out a tease for it too. 

No word yet on the story line but the rumor is that Cruise is too old to play the flyer so he’s going to be a flight trainer.


Sometimes these late sequels work like “Baywatch” didn’t work, “IT” did. It’s hard to know if the fans are there or not.

#Day1 — Tom Cruise (@TomCruise) May 31, 2018


Kanye Throws Shade At Tristan Thompson on ‘YE’

The wait is over! Kanye West debuted his new album “Ye” in Wyoming last night. Last week he was cancelled but now people are loving his new album. Some people are torn between loving his new album and not supporting him for the random stuff he said on Twitter. Fans are already loving the album but noticed a shady verse about Tristan Thompson’s cheating.

The lyrics on one of his tracks say “All these thots on Christian Mingle/That’s what almost got Tristan single,”-Kanye

Sounds like he is blaming women for his cheating and not Tristan, or maybe he just needed something to rhyme with mingle.

Check out a preview of the listening party below.

#ye This sounds like an upgraded FML. — Real Hip Hop News (@RealHipHopMNews) June 1, 2018

Crazy! 13 Reasons Why Star Caught Up In Murder Plot?

Ok, we all know who Kurt Cobain is. According to E! Online, his daughter, Frances, gave Cobain’s famous guitar from his iconic MTV Unplugged performance to her ex-husband. Apparently there is an elaborate lawsuit that claims Courtney Love conspired to kill him with the help of her manager and 13 Reasons Why’s Ross Butler, in an attempt to steal back the guitar.

Her ex, Isaiah Silva says that they all plotted to kidnap and murder him. This story is crazy. What’s Ross Butler’s connection? He has been friends of the family for years.

Have you heard this?

Believe it or not, this is not click bait: What do Britney Spears, Amanda Bynes and Ross Butler have in common? Manager Sam Lufti getting them into trouble. This time, Riverdale's Ross Butler is tied up in an attempted murder claim. — E! News (@enews) May 31, 2018

Maroon 5 Kills It With “Girls Like You” Video Premiere

Maroon 5  Just dropped his video for “Girl Like You”, and the internet is going nuts. It just hit 6.8 Million views in 24 hours. It’s filled with girl power and beauty including all ages, sizes and colors. You will catch at least one famous star you know in this video that features 26 women and his daughter. Cardi B is the feature rapper so this is sure to be a hit on the charts.

The camera continuously rotates as each female fades into the next one all while singing the the lyrics with Adam. This song and everything it stands for will make you smile on the inside.

Take a look!

Are Kendall Jenner & Ben Simmons An Item Now?

Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons were caught hanging out in LA. According to  Page Six   the 76ers rookie has sparked up a romance with Jenner. An insider familiar with the duo said the romance has been going on “for a few weeks.”

“Security measures seemed to have been taken to ensure Kendall and Ben enjoyed their night hassle free,” said a witness to Page Six. “They were smiling the night away with their friends.” Are you feeling this new hook up?

Many people on Twitter are saying that he cheated on Tinashe for Kendall and even claimed to have broken up with her for acting like a Kardashian

Ben Simmons broke with Tinashe cause he said she “acted like a Kardashian” but then gets with Kendall Jenner??? — Bungalow Brown (@MrSuperJay) May 30, 2018 Kendall Jenner is dating NBA star Ben Simmons — Page Six (@PageSix) May 30, 2018

Couple Alert! Nick Jonas & Priyanka Chopra

So fans have been spotting Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra on several dates including a video at a LA Dodgers game together &amp; hanging out on a boat over the holiday weekend. All these mini dates are all the proof we need that the two are dating.

There is a 11-year age difference between the two but when Jimmy Kimmel ask about it, Priyanka said,  “I didn’t ask his age.”

Are we loving this new couple?

Nick Jonas at the Dodgers game with Priyanka Chopra – May 26th — Nick Jonas News (@JickNonasNews) May 27, 2018

7 Couples That Did Prom Right

Kanye Paid 85k for Pusha T’s Album Cover

Kanye West just paid $85k to license a photo for Pusha T’s Album. Some people are not feeling it though. The artwork is a photo of Whitney Houston’s drug infested bathroom which was taken in 2006 but released to the public in 2012. Pusha T revealed the photograph as the album cover for his upcoming album DAYTONA on Twitter.

Kanye West, who produced the album, wanted to use a photo because he thinks, “This is what people need to see to go along with this music,”.

What do you think about this photo?

The artwork for #PushaT’s new album #Daytona is a photograph of Whitney Houston’s drug-infested bathroom: — Consequence of Sound (@consequence) May 24, 2018

OffSet Confirms What Caused His Accident

Will Smith Teases New Music

Will Smith just released a tease to some new music and Twitter is going crazy. It’s been 13 years since he last dropped an album but he says, “I got the beast back”.  His new bars throw some shade at rappers of today and talk about how he’s been in the rap game. He even slid a curse word in there. Do you think the Fresh Prince can do a comeback?

“More information from me than from most teachers/More inspiration from me than from most preachers/But wait, wait, wait, truly, just for the record/directors make movies/I make directors.”-Will Smith

Will Just snapped on em’! Check it out below.


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