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Posted: September 06, 2016

How to decorate your home with Atlanta's biggest decor trends

By Rasonda Clark

From The Atlanta-Journal Constitution

Our homes, like our wardrobes, can evolve to stay in style. Keeping them in vogue while keeping them comfortable is not easy work, but it is always worth it. Your home is your sanctuary. It should be a true reflection of you and your family while remaining a cozy retreat. Look no further to see how to decorate your home with Atlanta's current biggest trends.

Colored stainless steel

Stainless steel is sleek and goes with everything. Unfortunately, like every trend, stainless steel has its pros and cons. One of the biggest cons is the required maintenance. Scratches and fingerprints are a huge complaint of stainless steel owners. Black or colored steel may deter this issue some. It will not be eliminated completely. "Metals are neutrals in the overall scheme of things," Carl Mattison of Carl Mattison Design. "The standard gray stainless steel look will not go away anytime soon. Converting to the possible trend of colored or black finished steel is more a personal design preference. Create a design that works with it... go for it!"

Granny florals

Roses are red and violets are blue, and they are all hot this year. Before going all-in on today's latest trend, Mattison recommends trying bold patterns, such as florals, in small ways. "By incorporating pillows and linens first you can see if you like that look and it is not too permanent," he said. "Next, if you decide the look is for you, go ahead and incorporate wallpaper, but try smaller rooms like powder and sitting rooms over large spaces so that the home does not become a greenhouse."

Formal dining rooms

Formal dining rooms have gone back and forth over the last few decades. One year they are a must, the next they are wasted space. However, as with most trends, it is all about personal taste and what works for you. "Formal dining rooms are always good for resale as they can be used by the new owner any way they desire," according to Mattison. "They are simply additional square footage no matter what. They could be a sitting area, a lounge, a reading room, a library... or yes, even the old formal dining room. In a historic district like Grant Park, a formal dining room is often desired but with connection to the kitchen being key through possibly a butler pantry or other walkthrough area."

Mismatched cabinetry

Two-toned cabinets definitely offer the kitchen a splash. Be careful. If not done correctly, it can be a DIY disaster. Rachel Oliver of Rachel Oliver Design recommends getting out of your comfort zone with an island. However, she warns to take precautions when it comes to the cabinetry. "The right style of kitchen can handle upper cabinets being a different color from the lower, but that takes planning and a little bravery," Oliver suggested. "Be careful not to make it look like patchwork."

Statement mirrors

Mirrors are great for decorating. They offer the illusion of more space and create an interesting focal point. It makes sense to make a statement with a mirror by choosing one with intricate detail, bold colors, or an odd shape. Statement mirrors and art pieces can be wonderful if grouped together or left alone. A typical rule in decorating is be leary of going overboard with anything. "A large mirror that fits an entire wall most likely does not need anything else around it," Mattison recommended. "However, smaller mirrors grouped together on one wall create a pattern that is pleasing to the eye. Keep things like that to multiples of 7 or less."

Raw natural materials

Raw materials are a must for 2016. Unfortunately, things like marble, concrete and brass can be pricey. Reclaimed wood is stylish, natural and inexpensive. "There are many companies that carry reclaimed wood for super prices," Oliver said. "Dining and console tables are very popular and affordable. Ditch fake plants and add fresh cut greenery or easy-care houseplants for a pop of natural elements."

Sunrooms and outdoor living spaces

Some experts claim that the popularity of outdoor living spaces are on their way out, but like dining rooms, it's all about personal preference. In Southern states like Georgia, outdoor living spaces are essential and can serve as extra square footage. "In some climates, especially the South, outdoor living spaces are still important as we really have three seasons we can use them," Mattison said. "An outdoor space where a large ceiling fan can be installed is most important as the fan can create a breeze we don't often get, cooling the area by as much as 10 degrees."

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