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Posted: May 16, 2016

Disney World honors 22-year-old day-pass ticket

By Cox Media Group National Content Desk

Chelsea Herline, 26, was 4 years old when she visited Disney World on a family trip.

"My parents own a timeshare in Orlando, so we used to go to Disney when we were younger all the time," Herline said. "We had lots of memories there, lots of pictures."

During one particular trip, Herline only visited the park three days, despite having a four-day pass.

"It was a four-day pass, and I used to get sick all the time on vacation when I was little. We went for the first three days, and I got sick on the last day."

The trip and the ticket became distant memories as more than two decades passed, Herline and her siblings grew up and family trips became less frequent.

"My sisters and I are older now, so we don't really go anymore," she said.

But after unearthing the discarded ticket in her family's basement, Herline decided to visit the most magical place on Earth again, Upworthy reported.

She took the aged ticket to the admissions area to try her luck and see if she could take advantage of the unused day on her pass.

"I just went up to the window. I wasn't expecting to spend the day there; I didn't bring anything (or anyone) with me," she said.

To her surprise, staffers honored the pass.

"They were pretty surprised. The girl working there was younger than me and said, 'Wow, I've never seen one this old before!' She called her manager over and they were super nice about it," Herlin said.

Herlin spent the day riding rides and even met Chip and Dale.

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