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Jared Leto (With His Long Hair)

Jared Leto Chopped Off His Hair!

Batman's arch nemesis can't have a ponytail - and Jared Leto is committed to the character. Director David Ayer tweeted out two photos - one of his locks about to be chopped - and the other is the final product.

History of Duets with Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson Finally Gets Her Duet

When Kelly Clarkson said that no one wanted to do a duet with her, Jimmy Fallon was sad. That's why he made it up to her on The Tonight Show - by presenting the HISTORY OF DUETS with her!

Blake Lively

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively With Baby In Public For First Time

We don't know her name - but now, we know she exists! Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively had their daughter back in December - and she made her first public appearance - sort of.